Promoting Tiger

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I wonder how Apple will promote Tiger, now that it's released. People need to be convinced to buy a Mac, not (so much) because of the beautiful hardware, but because of the software.

TV-ads with screen captures just don't seem right - too boring. Telling people about features like Spotlight and Dashboard in large posters doesn't seem like its going to work either. Would your grandmother be convinced to buy a new computer because it can search quickly?

My experience: more and more teachers and students are switching in the university I'm at. It seems that this occurs mostly because of word-of-mouth/light-of-slight "marketing". People are frustrated with their Dells, see their friends' shinny new powerbooks and get convinced to switch after a brief on-the-spot demo. The number of powerbooks seem to be incrementally increasing.

What does everyone think: how should Apple advertize Tiger? Do they even need to?


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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    man after standing in line a the big chicago apple store, all apple had to do was give those of us in line some flyers. we still did a good job marketing with what we said, but the impact could have been greater. subway posters and stuff would be a nice campaign.
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