Tiger: Most unstable OS X to date?



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    bsodmikebsodmike Posts: 63member
    Just broke the record, 11hrs 47mins... Something must be right now hrm.
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    ichiban_jayichiban_jay Posts: 660member
    powerbook is not waking from sleep correctly 1 out of every 4 times. I open the lid and hear the cd-rom, HD, and cpu startup. But the screen never appears... I am forced to hold down the power button and restart... seems to be popping up on apple's support forum, so far 20 ppl have posted the same exact problem.

    What's with macintosh and sleep mode? G5 ringing a bell?
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    yep, i'm finding the wake from sleep airport problems others are having. except my connection works for a few seconds, then dies off. i then have to disconnect and reconnect, or do a wholescale restart. strange...
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    i've not really been pushing it, but usually have a dozen apps open, at this point mostly mozilla (usually 3 windows, 3 tabs), safari (one or two wins, 4-9 tabs), entourage, neooffice (usually spreadsheet), graphic converter... and no freezes since 8a420 or perhaps before. oh, one on restart the other day. 8a425 has been fantastic; iphoto a bit goofy depending on when you power on the camera. and... MUCH faster on my older dualie 533 w/1G. panther was getting pokey; this satisfies my need for speed. qIII (ok, i change games about once every 5 years) is much faster, and i've yet to reestablish dominance. oh, and all 'net stuff is SOOOO much faster.

    i left panther behind and never looked back. dashboard and the speed boost were enuf. the rest is icing. boot/logon is sooo fast; compare that to this xp laptop, which took 10 MINUTES to wake from sleep. (centrino 1.3, all the latest updates save xp II).

    my biz partner reports similar or better for his 12" pb and the emac at work; he uses garageband and... something to make his movies. on the other hand, bud w/ the souped up cube says its slower.

    bugs? perhaps sometime i'll find one that really hurts me. until then, i'm happy.
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    Originally posted by bsodmike

    Hello guys!

    I just shifted from Panther yesterday and the main reasons were:

    a) Instability with the firewire kernel module, causing kernel panics..

    b) Dashboard, so wanted it.

    Panther was a great os, till about two months or so ago, my fault I guess. Did alot of stuff and it got quite sluggish.

    Now Tiger is a whole different beast. Fast, sexy...until you find that it freezes.

    This is the FIRST time any version of OS X has frozen my machine. This used to be a windows thing, kernel panics - yes, but when I say freeze I mean that I can move the mouse and if itunes is playing the music plays perfectly but it's dead. Won't eject, change brightness...nothing.

    As for machines, I've been through:

    15" 1Ghz Ti

    15" Alu

    12" Alu

    1.6Ghz G5 (at home in Sri Lanka)

    None have ever frozen on me this way...

    This has happened three times for me. The first was during the 1st hr of installing, where I loaded up safari and dead. Second - can't remember what I did...and third, I made a smart folder and hit 'slide show'...screen went blank and dead.

    My max uptime has been 10hrs and now I'm afraid to 'do' anything as know it'll just kill Tiger.

    OHHH the worst thing? THERE IS NO LOG! No panic.log as there is no panic..lol and the system log doesn't show much at all!

    This is insane.

    Ohh yea, 1.8Ghz G5 (single), 2GB Crucial Ram, DiamondMax 16mb cache 300 and 250GB HDDs.

    I performed a full hardware test when I got the g5 with the full 2GB of ram, passed. Panther gave me uptimes close to three weeks or more.


    You just shot your self in the foot. Doing exactly what M$ does, add more $hit and then make it unstable...GRRRR!

    Honestly, i have had no issues. My uptime is about 3 days or so, and not one problem.

    i would just try to reinstall.
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    bsodmikebsodmike Posts: 63member
    1 day and 4hrs n' going. Will see how this goes on. I will only swap back to Safari once 10.4.1 comes out
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    squozensquozen Posts: 66member
    You had kernel panics in Panther and you're blaming Tiger for freezes? I'd be blaming your RAM, personally. I haven't had a single lockup on my PowerBook and I've been running it pretty much non-stop since late April. Never had kernel panics in Panther either, except when I was messing with a beta kernel extension.
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    nomad g5nomad g5 Posts: 28member
    You know I thought I should post that Tiger has been more then perfect for me.

    I am running it on a 15" Power Book (2 months old) and a 2.5 gh (1.5gig ram) G5 with dual 23" HD displays. I did an erase and install from Panther and actually many problems were fixed. These included fatal crashes when trying to fax and certain fireware issues. Tiger works perfectly for me and I use a lot of software especially with web design, page making (forms, PDFs), BSD stuff, and network administration. I am sorry to hear about the problems and I am sure you guys will work it out.

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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    no real problems here. LimeWire doesn't work and either does SETI dockling, but other than that all is fine. Have been up and running since install.
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member

    Originally posted by Algol

    no real problems here. LimeWire doesn't work and either does SETI dockling, but other than that all is fine. Have been up and running since install.

    I used Limewire this morning so you may want to check on that one.
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    pbaker05pbaker05 Posts: 143member
    No problems in any capacity. Uptime > 24 hrs.
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    magicfingersmagicfingers Posts: 703member
    I installed Tiger last thursday,(archive and install) have been running all kinda stuff, and have not restarted since. Safari did get sluggish after being loaded for 3 days but a quit and start of Safari fixed that.

    I am sure there some bugs, but i am doing great. GREAT JOB APPLE!!

    imac G5 20"

    QS 867

    emac 800

    all working great
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    pbaker05pbaker05 Posts: 143member
    I have noticed some sluggishness...

    I think I read somewhere that Apple has already acknowledged this and it will be addressed in the up date later this month.
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    hdcoolhdcool Posts: 48member
    so am i one of the few that doesn't notice all those problems?

    I've ran Firefox all time in Panther and windows.. But this new Safari is

    amazing... i haven't installed another browser here...

    Tiger is way faster and nicer than panther!

    Only bug i know off, is the importing of the old mbox mail in Mail 2.0

    (which is easy to solve but shouldn't be have to be solved anyway :-))
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    pbaker05pbaker05 Posts: 143member
    Safari is fast. I feel it being slow in general. Especially Mail.
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    algolalgol Posts: 833member

    Originally posted by pbaker05

    Safari is fast. I feel it being slow in general. Especially Mail.

    on my G5 there is a substantial difference between panther and tiger speed with tiger being a good deal faster for me. Specially the finder and GUI in general.
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    pbaker05pbaker05 Posts: 143member
    I knew that I wasted my money on this new PB G4...
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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    Safari works great, just make sure you're not using iGetter with it's contextual menu items box ticked, that will cause Safari to crash.

    Running on my mac (sig) 10.4 is sublime, multitasking is even better than under Panther but I do realize it concentrates more CPU usage on the foremost application than Jaguar or Panther ever did.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member

    Originally posted by pbaker05

    I knew that I wasted my money on this new PB G4...

    Hold on for just a little bit. The first update to the OS will probably fix most, if not all, problems you're having.
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    bsodmikebsodmike Posts: 63member
    To clear up a few things. The kernel panics I had with Panther started a few months after installation and was always the cause of the firewire I/O kernel module, I was able to live with this. It happened rarely and I had uptimes well over 40days sometimes 60days at a stretch.

    I've also performed a full hardware test and the RAM passes the test and I seriously doubt it is the RAM.

    Also when it did use to freeze, if I had iTunes running the music would PLAY perfectly, but the system was dead. Go figure!

    I'm not too fussed right now, it is running nicely right now but I'm looking forward to 10.4.1

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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