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Hey guys i am confused what to get, i am on a budget, and NEED to get away from this damn Windows Laptop (Would sell after i got new laptop) i would get 800 and will cut down price on laptop... I do get EDU disconts so prices and specs i am looking at are...



1.33GHz PowerPC G4

512K L2 cache @ 1.33GHz

14-inch TFT Display

1024x768 resolution


60GB Ultra ATA drive

Combo Drive

ATI Mobility Radeon 9200

32MB DDR video memory

AirPort Extreme built-in



12.1-inch TFT Display

1024x768 resolution

1.5GHz PowerPC G4


60GB Hard Drive


Go5200 (64MB DDR)

Full size keyboard

10/100BASE-T Ethernet

FireWire 400

Analog audio in/out

Mini-DVI out

Um would be using a Mac for: Word proccesing, Web site (Parents want me to make one for them), Video editing (Parents again for trip we went on want to make movie out of it), Watching DVD's, and last Playing Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Starcraft (I know these would be ok) but Unreal 2004 (Questionable with 32mb vram mabye ok with 64mb vram)

Lets see price for ibook after selling laptop 391.92 (with tax and 100 doller edu spring rebate)

powerbook 608.42 (after selling laptop and 100 doller EDu spring rebate)

Sooo i have having a problem with that damn 32mb Video ram how will it run with all the things i want it to do? Or should i get a 64mb? I know ibooks are getting upgraded (Hopefully soon) i hope and then i heard from many ppl it would get 1.4 ghz and 64mb vram, if this is true should i wait and long as i can (June 17 is last day) and if no updates then what? Thanks, brian


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    robin hoodrobin hood Posts: 513member
    Remember the PowerBook also has DVI out, so you can connect a huge ass digital LCD display. Writing this on a PowerBook (bought last week) with a Dell 20" 1600x1200 Dell connected to it, it's great.

    Personally, if I were to go for the iBook, I would go for the 12" model. Not only is it significantly cheaper, but the speed is basically the same. I think the price with edu discount is about $900 last I checked.

    Edit: Don't forget that if you get the iBook, you should really upgrade to 512 MB, especially if you want to do video editing and design work on it. So figure that into the cost as well. Mac's also tend to have good resale value, so if you go for say the 12" iBook today, you can sell it on eBay in 6 months or whatever and spring for a new PowerBook, without losing too much.

    If you do have the money right now, go for the 15" PowerBook. It's absolutely fantastic, I could not be happier with mine.
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    iBook, no question. The Powerbooks are great, but the difference between the 12" iBook and 12" powerbook isn't enough to justify the cost. Unless you need a larger screen, or other features only found on the 15" or 17" models, go straight to a 12" or 14" iBook. You'll save money and still have a very good portable system.

    I just need a little more cash and I'm going to sell my first-gen 12" Powerbook, replacing it with a 14" iBook + Superrive. Cheaper than what I paid for the Powerbook, but it's actually faster than my PB.

    As an aside, you should probably wait until WWDC on June 6. There's a lot of speculation that new versions of the iBooks will be announced by then.
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    semi-flysemi-fly Posts: 35member
    I'd say get the PowerBook - you'll get a Better LCD panel, Video card, and processor, all for an extra $200.00.
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    benjamin_rbenjamin_r Posts: 265member
    Moving to Current Hardware
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    mmbarthezmmbarthez Posts: 40member
    Go for the ibook, I have one, and my brother got a powerbook, and he totally overpaid for it. The ibook is a better value for what you want to use it for, plus it comes with the monitor adaptor thinggy.
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    ichiban_jayichiban_jay Posts: 660member
    powerbook, it also has bluetooth, aluminum, 3 speakers, and other stuff...

    I got a powerbook and my friend got an ibook a couple months ago, he likes the powerbook better... It just looks better . The white apple logo shows through silver better than white on white

    The ibook has the cheesy looking small speakers holes too

    haha, but looks aside, the powerbook does just feel more solid and professional.
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    If you want to play games the PowerBook's better GPU will help, but the only Apple 'books decent for games are the 15" and 17" PowerBooks, with their Mobiliy Radeon 9700/128MB VRAM.

    Widescreen will be much better for video editing, but since you're on a budget I'd go for the 12" PowerBook and later a 20" or 23" Cinema Display.
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    Originally posted by benjamin_r

    Moving to Current Hardware

    sorry about that not sure which one i was supposed to put it in since i asked people about the new ibook updates and if they came out what should i do...
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    copsecopse Posts: 64member
    Dude, with only 32MB Video-ram you dont get the cool water ripple effect in dashboard Think about it!

    The one thing that´s stopping me from ordering a 12" powerbook/ibook is the LCD. Im writing this on a 3-4 year old 12" noname low budget laptop and the screen is much much better on this.

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    semi-flysemi-fly Posts: 35member

    Originally posted by Copse

    Dude, with only 32MB Video-ram you dont get the cool water ripple effect in dashboard Think about it!

    The one thing that´s stopping me from ordering a 12" powerbook/ibook is the LCD. Im writing this on a 3-4 year old 12" noname low budget laptop and the screen is much much better on this.


    I dunno - I work with alot of diffrent, namebrand laptops, and I actually like the LCD panel on my 12 inch Powerbook - it's sharp, has great color, and the brightness' is pretty good. Now, I've used plenty of iBooks, and I'll aggree that the panels used for the iBooks are probably not the highest of quality.
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    i also agree w/ the ibook voters.. i would also go for an ibook.. however i have a powerbook, an older version from my brother b/c i paid about 500-600$ less buying it from my brother, then if i were buying a new ibook.. but at the time of pondering about a laptop, i was inteding to buy the ibook, b/c im using it for almost the same reasons you are; word processing, website, web surfing and chat client, garage band. and what i need a laptop for, its fine for me..

    Also, by the time i go to college (next year) ill prolly be doing programming also as well as movie editing, and ill prolly go out and buy a powerbook, because im really liking the powerbook although an ibook might/prolly be fine for me.. from this its just my personal preference.. but thats just me

    good luck
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    robin hoodrobin hood Posts: 513member
    I'm just incredibly happy with my PowerBook G4 purchase, the 15" wide screen version with 1.68GHz and the 128MB BTO Radeon 9700 video card and 1GB RAM. Also saved a bunch by removing the SuperDrive, which I don't need anyway (I can borrow my dad's desktop for that). I haven't been this pleased with a computer for a long time. In total I paid ?1731 + tax (edu discount).
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    matveimatvei Posts: 193member
    wait for the ibook update anyway.
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