I want to strangle my Palm T3

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I can't get my Palm to properly sync my tasks and memos (only the files on the Palm Desktop are updated). The other hotsynchs seem to be functioning (see below). I use OS 10.3.9 on a G4 Ibook. I am really frustrated. I've been dealing with the greater issue of hotsynching ever since I bought my Palm. This particular problem for a month) I posted a similar thread on the topic on a Palm forum (http://www.pdastreet.com/forums/sho...;threadid=57594) and did what was suggested, reinstalling Palm desktop for OS 10.

This started after my Palm T 3 was replaced after failing. That i got another T3 is bizarre in itself, in that they don't make them any more. Well, the store where I bought it, Best Buy, happened to have 3 of them sitting around. Open boxes, I beleive, which is maybe why they didn't sell. I took the one I thought was in the best shape, that seemed to be functioning.

In the intervening period I had used isync to sync my new nokia 6600 phone with my Ibook. When I got the T3 back and began using hotsynch again, I'd lost the option of synching the datebook, address, memos and tasks programs on the Ibook with my T3-the conduits were gone from the Palm dektop's hotsynch settings. I was instructed to move the conduits into their proper folders in the OS 10 application support directory, which I did. At that point I was able to synch the calendar and addresses, but still couldn't synch the tasks and memos. I tried a suggested uninstall/reinstall of Palm desktop. Interestingly, reinstalling didn't seem to change anything. I expected the old preferences to be gone but when I restarted I found myself looking at a screen identical to the old one-same conduit settings, datebook, address, etc contents, and I still can't synch tasks and memos. The options are there, but nothing happens on the Palm when I synch, while the files are updated on Palm Desktop.

I'm at a complete loss. Any ideas out there?


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    Assuming all the data is on the PDA erase the palm folder on the Mac and reinstall Palm Desktop 4 - available from Palm. Then sync with your PDA - it will enable to you transfer settings from an old PDA. Make sure you erase the Palm folder in your documents folder - make a backup if necessary but move it out the folder.

    What I would then recommend is using iSync with your Palm but I can explain that (if necessary)if these first steps work.
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