Dropped G4 Powerbook, now stalls at startup

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Seven year old daughter leaves 12 inch G4 Powerbook open on couch, later flops on the couch and the machine drops to the floor, about a foot drop. I pick it up and close it and lecture her but don't actually check to see if there is damage Well, the fall didn't seem THAT bad. Next morning I open the machine, I got nothing, it's like it's frozen and asleep. Hold down the power key, then restart. I get chimes, and it brings me to the grey screen and the apple, and won't go farther than that.

I do the hardware test, get to the test with no problem, and with the short test, all checks out. When I shut down CD ejects no problem. Then I try to startup from the system software CD. Not only does this not work and stalls at grey apple, now I can't get that CD back out. It doesn't pop out at shut down.

None of the official support sites help.... many mention stalling at a blank grey screen but not the screen with the apple. And with not luck launching from the system software.. I'm stymied.

Headed to Tekserve asap but wanted to see if you brilliant folk had any suggestions.


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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    Press the mouse button at startup to eject the disk. If it wont start there may be a hardware defect. I would get it serviced but you could try to reset PRAM etc (i don't think that will help).
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    imac600mhzimac600mhz Posts: 104member
    you should be able to eject the cd with a paper clip,

    try resetting the PRAM,

    then try (if you have to macs) target disc mode (hold t at start up) if it works ok then it might be your hard drive, but if not take it to an apple store.
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    naknak Posts: 101member

    Originally posted by JenBrooklyn

    it brings me to the grey screen and the apple, and won't go farther than that.

    My friend's eMac did the same thing... well, it stalled at the apple, he didn't drop it.

    Anywho, he brought it to the folks at the Apple Store, and it turns out his HD was messed up. I don't remember what were the specifics on it, but he had to have a new HD put in there.

    Good luck
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