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At almost midnight I ordered a PowerBook 12" SD (no BTOs) and Apple Wireless Mouse. Within an hour I had a confirmation, saying it should ship on June 15, 2005, which is now today! (Wednesday)

My question is, when will it arrive? It would absolutely perfect if it arrived Friday, as it's my day off. However, although on order status it says Fast Ship (EMEA), the confirmation e-mail said 3 - 7 business days.

Will it arrive Friday? (I.E. does the day it ships count as one of the business days?)

God I'm impatient...


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum!


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    Well, I've never ordered a computer from Apple. But when I ordered my 4G iPod, I selected standard, free shipping. I ordered on a Sunday evening, and it arrived Tuesday morning, from China. So, if it does ship Wednesday, there is a chance it will arive Friday. But the only gauentee is that it will arrive by next week wednesday .
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    I ordered a 2.3 GHz PowerMac on Thursday afternoon last week (i.e. the 9th). I was told by the website AND a person on the phone at Apple that it was scheduled to ship on the 10th (last Friday). On Friday, it was revised to 17th (tomorrow).

    So... don't count on anything!
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    wingnutwingnut Posts: 197member
    My PM seemed a bit slow, but maybe because waiting is the hardest part! It did arrive on the target delivery day.
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    It actually shipped about 24 hours after ordering from a UK warehouse, so I'm really excited!

    My last order (iMac G5) came direct from China and took over two weeks. However, they actually phoned me and said it would be here by Friday (tomorrow) at the latest.

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