Video Card problems on iMac G5

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My problem is being repaired... I'm just curiious to know if others have experienced the same problem.

The Video Card in my 1.8 G5 iMac is dying. Symptoms started as problems waking from sleep, then increased to the screen showing artifacts shortly before freezing up, and then got to the point where it may or may not restart properly.

Hardware Test identified the problem with a error code for the Video Card. It was less than a year old, so the Apple Store took it last night for repair. (no word yet on how long to get the part... a new midplane... i guess they don't just replace the videocard by itself.)

This is the only repair I've ever had done on 6 macs over the last 18 years .... so I'm not too upset about it... but... I suspect the problem is caused in part by the high heat level inside the iMac ...

If others are experiencing the same failure, I might consider buying the AppleCare to extend the warranty that expires in a couple months.

(oh, i offered them $300 to just keep the old iMac and let me walk out of the store with a new one ... they wouldn't go for that )


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    I'm hearing more instances of this around the web. I bought an iMac G5 as a gift and the same artifacts started showing up on that one-- they needed to replace the motherboard. The computer was loved, especially as their first Mac, but this left a slightly sour aftertaste. Hoping it doesn't happen to the replacement.

    Has to be a manufacturing issue. Well, hoping it is. Otherwise, maybe it has something to do with the heat of the small case? Here's to crossing fingers...\
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    Ive got the same midplane issue, Took it back to Apple and its currently being repaired, they said it could take upto 3-4 weeks because a shortage of replacement midplanes I guess it might be a common issus with the iMac g5's
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