what scanner to get? (canon 1240u?)

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seeing that I have absolutely nothing in terms of printer nor scanner, I was wondering what scanner to get. I had my eyes on the Canon 1240U... very nice design, USB powered, small, 48bit... and OS X compatibility, through Classic (can Vuescan handle it?)

Anyone else reccomend another model? Anything against the Canon?


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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    and it also comes bundled with Photoshop Elements... ah well, a classic app... but still.
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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member

    I have the N 650U - which I believe is a similar scanner, just with a lower rez and less software. I think that it is great. Mie was well under $100, and is just like the one you mention - USB powered and very small. - I take it in my Saddlebag along with my iBook. Also - one of the many things that I like about it compared with my old UMAX piece of crap is that if you have just transported it, and then try to use it without taking off the mechanism lock - it will tell you and not try to scan anyhow, making very annoying sounds, not doing anything and sometimes crashing the machine!

    Go get it!
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