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Im thinking of getting an iBook and read somewhere that iBooks do not have scrolling trackpads, what does this mean? Also do the trackpads work so you can tap them twice like a double click?




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    tzallastzallas Posts: 17member
    Scrolling trackpad means that, instead of having to move the mouse cursor to the side of each window every time and then dragging the tab or clicking on the up/down arrows, you just place 2 fingers in the trackpad at the same time and move them simultaneously in the same direction. Only the new powerbooks have these functions as standard from Apple.

    Although you can get a little program called iScroll2 (or something like that) and install it on the ibooks. That works just the same (minus the circular scrolling that is evident on the powerbooks). I've installed it in my iBook 12" G4 800MHz and it works carefull though because it is an "internal" (don't know the word) application; meaning that there is NO icon that appears in the "applications" folder but rather it appears as a menu extra under "mouse & Keyboards" in "system preferences". So you have to go into /library folders and such to delete .plist files NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR ARE DOING (thats my personal disclaimer)

    And YES, you can make the iBook (and any Apple book) "click or double click" when you tap it...its in system preferences>keyboards & mice>trackpad gestures>clicking
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    pwppwp Posts: 4member
    Thanks for your help.
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    tzallastzallas Posts: 17member
    No Worries
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    their is a patch for ibooks which allows the scrooling on the touchpad, its good, and it works,
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