Safari RSS Search Field??????

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I seem to remember when Steve Jobs was first showcasing Tiger's new tricks in his Keynotes, that along with the addition of the RSS support on Safari 2.0, you also had 2 search fields on the safari window.

One for Google and one for RSS (search rss articles)

I remember he actually searched for "iPod BMW" in the actual keynote and gave him any article on the net that was relative to those words.(not just the subscribed articles, like the search field you get above the "article length" Slider on the actual RSS feed page)

Am I remembering correctly or was it all a dream??

How can you turn that second rss search field "ON" so it appears next to the google one?

Or was it a feature that was eventually scrapped in the final release?

on a slightly different note: Wasn't the Spotlight and the apple logo on the menu bar ment to be in a blue frame. I mean the entire white menu bar had blue corners withe the apple and spotlight logo in white.

Also I don't know why you would need to use that Quartz debug script....when i installed tiger on my iBook G4 800MHz and then looked in system profiler, it showed it as Quartz extreme: Supported (of course core image was not)(mind you now with extreme my little iBook heats up like a BBQ in just a few minutes, whereas before it never need to heat up, I had never even heard the fan before tiger)

Anyway can anybody help with that RSS search field??



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    well... the RSS search field is in the upper right corner of the page when in "RSS mode". It's in the actual page, not in the "window-bar".

    It's always ther for me, and I couldn't find a way to get rid of it .... so I'm not sure where your problem lies.

    The Google search is in the "window-bar" ... the RSS search is inside the actual window just below the Google field.
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    tzallastzallas Posts: 17member
    Yes thankyou, I know the RSS search field is in the RSS page.

    And specifically that only searches throught the RSS feeds that you have already subscribed to.

    What I mean is, I remember there were 2 search fields in the safari window. One was the standard Google one and the other was a rss specific search field that would search the entire net for rss feeds of what you typed in it.(right NEXT to the google field)

    I apologize I was pretty sure I made that clear.

    any thoughts on if this exists and how to "activate" it?
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    dave k.dave k. Posts: 1,306member
    You are right. In early Safari 2.0 builds, there was two search fields in the main toolbar. One for Google and the other for RSS. It looked awkward GUI concept so I figured they simply removed it from Safari 2.0 final.
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    tzallastzallas Posts: 17member
    Thanks for that...I thought I was seeing things.

    Shame though eventhough a little awkward I think it would have been quite useful.
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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    They could implement a drop down menu of Search engines a la Firefox.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Speaking of search, the new version of Safari also lets you search through your bookmarks which is handy.

    However, I think bookmarks need to be taken to the next level. Comments should be available for bookmarks, so I can annotate them with additional keywords and other searchable info.

    Also, my browsing history should sync with .Mac and feature these same comments. This way, even if I don't bookmark a site, I'll be able to easily find it again no matter where I am.

    I'd think that iSync will eventually sync my bookmarks to my mobile devices as well. I have a browser on my phone so why not sync my bookmarks on to it too.

    So this laundry list is kinda long but I think these features would greatly improve an already stellar browser. Come on Apple... Do it!
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