Apple releases new iPods, reduces prices



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    Originally posted by joblowski

    This update was people said they probably merged the guts of the old 20gb and 30gb photo so probably not much design and manufacture change there. I think it's still highly likely that a major redesign is coming. Could be this was just to tide folks over until it's ready. September would be the earliest I'd guess...they'll want to hit either back-to-school or Christmas.

    If Apple leaves the 4th gen iPod as is for longer than that...I dunno what to say, they really will have just dropped the ball. Apple tends to be smarter than that.

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    Originally posted by gruth

    From Apple's website:

    "Choose from 20GB or 60GB models and carry up to 15,000 songs or as many as 25,000 photos in your pocket."

    Can someone explain why the 60GB model doesn't store 3x as many photos as the 20GB, instead of only about 1.7x?


    The photos on the iPod are in a thumbnail format not full size picture files. If I recall correctly both the 60 and 30 GB photo (and the 40 when it was out) all said they could hold 25000 photos. By the way the quote you entered above says 15000 SONGS and 25000 PHOTOS. I don't know if that is what caused the confusion.

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    People keep talking about the need for a big splash/changes with the 5G iPod, but isn't a big splash what they're hoping to make with the new iTunes phones? A big 5G splash would certainly water that down a bit, and after all the false starts and what I'm sure must be behind the scenes mayhem to get the iTunes phone off the ground, that's gotta be the last thing Apple wants. *shrug*
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    gremlingremlin Posts: 45member
    I don't get it!

    All the news sites have been going on about this press thing that apple have going on in early July, most were sayin that it was either the new iTunes or iPod... so now that both are out *before* the press thingie... what is apple offering us in early july???
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