Apple / Cingular Deal can go much further than expected

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There are many future deals and options for both Apple and Cingular than just the rumored Motorola iTunes phone.

Here are a few thoughts I had.

1) Motorola iTunes Phone

2) 3g Chip built into Laptop "wireless where ever you go - and not just city WiMAX areas. (Preferences panel can switch between Dial, Ethernet, Airport, 3G, etc)

3) If Apple ever wanted to roll their own iPod Phone they would have a network to run on.

4) Cingular is owned by Bellsouth and SBC, they have potential inroads into offering DSL2+ branded service over those carriers.

5) Eventually, wireless sync will go big with the inclusion of 300 Meter bluetooth phones, earpieces, and other devices as well as computers themselves.

6) I am sure there is more.


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    blackcatblackcat Posts: 697member
    Cingular don't make 3G chips, they just sell mobile services, so there's no reason why a deal means 3G ready 'books (besides 3G really isn't as good as the hype). 3G cardbus cards are available now, but the usage fees and coverage are awful.

    The Intel deal will hopefully mean WiMAX support, but it's not going to do much until the service providers get infrastructure in.

    I'm more interested in MIMO wireless for greater speed and range.
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member

    I'm more interested in MIMO wireless for greater speed and range.

    Apple could have that now, if they wanted, since Belkin does. I am a bit surprised that the Airport Excessive has not yet been launched with pre-802.11n (and then firmware upgrades to get it to real 802.11n later).
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