dashboard weather widgets move

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
anyone notice that the weather widget, when there is more than one active, will move slightly from one activation of dashboard to the next, if there was a restart in between? every day i come in, and the last weather widget i actiavted will move slightly downward by a few pixels, over and over again. by the end fo the week, it will have moved substantially.

very odd, it only seems to happen with the weather widget.


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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member
    I donno but mine seems to be malfunctioning..

    It was more like 110 when I went for my 15 mile bike ride today.

    I feel like my body's turned into some sort of water filtration system, I drink a gallon and a gallon immediately bubbles out of my skin within 5 minutes.
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    bka77bka77 Posts: 331member
    yes they move.

    I hoped that it would stop with 10.4.2, but it didn't.
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    digihdigih Posts: 21member
    Yes, they move. It's so maddening. I have three weather widgets open and they shift their location every time I start up dashboard for the first time, sometimes even overlapping. I really hope this will get fixed.
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