Adaptec FireWire card problem

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Hi, my Dad just got his new Titanium with Combodrive and has decided to give me his old PowerBook 266MHz G3 which has all the legacy ports.

Seeing as both CardBus slots are free I was thinking of upgrading with a FireWire and (maybe) USB card.

I found one such card from Adaptec but it says on its homepage that the card requires a G3 with at least 400MHz. Is this true? Why does the processor speed matter?

If this is the case can anyone suggest a different FireWire PC-Card solution for this PowerBook model?

Thanks in advance for any info you guys may have.


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    PLEASE, someone here must be able to tell me this is bull and I can safely go and order the card knowing that it'll work.
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    josephgjosephg Posts: 111member
    I got a FireWire2Go card from newertechnology awhile back, just in case I'd ever want to use it with my 266 Wallstreet.

    I haven't used it much, so I can't give you a thorough endorsement, but it does work with CD burners (I think I used it with a Sony Spressa).

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
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