Address Book, GMail and POP

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I use a GMail account, and I want to start using Apple Mail and Address Book instead of doing it on the Web - which means POP.

My problem is this. All my email addresses will be in Address Book, which means that if I am on the road (so using the web service) they will not be available.

1. What should I do about my addresses?

2. Also, if I sometimes use POP and sometimes access on the web, how seamless is it? For example, will Mail 'know' that I have already replied to an email on the web, etc?



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    the problem i ran into w/ that is when i deleted the mail from apple's Mail client, it didnt delete it from gmail. i dont want it stored on my computer either cuz i still want to utitlize the 2Gb+ of space on gmail. eh
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