Intuit to release Quicken 2006 with .Mac support

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Intuit is preparing to release a major update to its Quicken financial software for Mac OS X that will interface with Apple Computer's .Mac internet service, AppleInsider has learned.

The annual update had been in development under the code-name "Fulcrum" and was delcared gold master around July 14th, sources with ties to the project said. Intuit is currently duplicating copies of the software on optical media, which should begin shipping to retailers later this week.

Like the current version of QuickBooks, Quicken 2006 for Mac will leverage the strengths of Mac OS X by interfacing with several Mac-only applications and services. Specifically, the software will work with both iPhoto and iCal to help users track home valuables and stay on top of important dates, sources said.

Another major feature of the release will be integration with Apple's suite of .Mac internet services. Users with a .Mac account will be able to backup or restore their Quicken data file to and from their iDisk with a few clicks of the mouse. An automated backup feature will also be present via a simple checkbox option in the application's preferences, sources added.

Mac OS X integration aside, Quicken 2006 for Mac will also sport several improvements to its online banking functionality. For instance, users will be able to create "smart" payee names (or rules) that will locate all transactions containing a specific term and group them under the shortened payee name, making registers and reports easier to read.

Quicken 2006 for Mac will also let users download transactions from all accounts at a single financial institution into a single Quicken data file -- allowing spouses who may have separate customer IDs and accounts at the same bank to download both sets of accounts into Quicken. And beginning in August, sources said Intuit will be upgrading its Quicken Bill Pay service to include improved features and greater ease of use.

Other features expected in Quicken 2006 for Mac include an "Open Recent" files menu option and more flexible frequency options for scheduled transactions. Each retail copy of Quicken 2006 for Mac will include a trial version of LandWare, Inc's Pocket Quicken for Palm OS handhelds.

Online retailer is now accepting pre-orders for Quicken Deluxe 2006 for Mac, offering $27 off the retail price after instant savings and a $20 rebate (to $42.99). The software is expected to begin shipping on August 5th.


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    louzerlouzer Posts: 1,054member
    Great, but how about adding, I don't know, ANY of the missing functionality that's in the Windows version? Or not requiring banks to pay separately for Mac support for connections, whereupon a lot don't pay and we can't connect, nor even download the PC files and bring them in (worthless money-grubbing crap!). But, no, we get a bunch of fixes for the small group of users with multiple quicken files. ("Open Recent! Allright! That's worth the price alone!"

    Of course, I'd buy these updates more often if I felt they actually tried to keep their current versions bug free. As it is, Quicken 2003 (what I have) was never fixed for the glaring bug of their reports listing completely wrong values (you'd think the graphs would show the same net worth total as their accounts pane, or even, heaven forbid, their reports!). And stock splits just screw everything up (Apple stock split years ago, and I sold it long ago, but anytime I buy it now, Quicken immediately shows two different numbers for %Gain and %ROI. And there's no way these should be different).

    Oh, and I hate how everytime I install a new version, they completely screw up my window positions and interface. Pain in the ass!
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    i can't get quicken to directly connect to my bank and auto download my account info..maybe switch to MS money. also i'm tired of the bugs and crashes. the number one reason for not upgrading???? my bank (national city) won't support after quicken 2004 (can't download qif format if using quiken 2005) Now i could change banks .... come on now. quicken's biggest upgrades to mac has been changing the numbers 2002-2003-2004-2005-2006 NOT WORTH IT.

    maybe i should change to ms money?? who has any experience with that and auto download??
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    .mac backup... can anyone possibly report on whether this is a SECURE backup? i dunno... i don't like my financial data residing on a semi-public server system without some sort of auto-encrypt built-in. and plus, is this really that huge of a friggin' deal? couldn't i save my file to my desktop before, and then drag it into the backup folder of my idisk? so, what, intuit saved the masses a few clicks? edit: or heck, for that matter, couldn't someone just make an automator action that says encrypt any files placed in this folder, and then move it to this directory on my .mac account?"

    remember the good ol' days when intuit said they were going to pull quicken support for the mac, just before the first imac? does anyone remember why we cared?

    oh yeah, i forgot, back then, quicken didn't suck.
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    does this mean a new version of QuickBooks will also be released shortly? how old is the current version of quickbooks for the mac?
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    What else is there besides Quicken? I want to be able to download transactions and Quicken seems to be the only good one I can find.
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    pmjoepmjoe Posts: 565member
    Well, I don't suppose this version will do any better at importing my old data from Quicken for Windows. I was so disappointed in this after buying my Mac mini. I thought it was going to be so easy to switch all my data over from the PC, but now I still keep my Windows PC running for one reason alone ... I can't get my Quicken data over. At some point I will probably have to spend a whole day force feeding the data over into it.

    Someone asked about other apps, the main one I'm familiar with is Moneydance:

    I think it should do better at importing data from the financial institutions who haven't sold out to Intuit.

    I think there is also an open source app that runs on the Mac under X11.

    I'd have to concur with others who see this new feature list as not compelling, and who wished Intuit would just fix the glaring bugs that are in there while giving us the ability to freely inport external data. Open Recent? Sync to .Mac? There are some features I will really use ... NOT!
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    macvaultmacvault Posts: 323member
    Yea, this update just sounds like a bunch of fluff. They make it sound like this huge holy-grail-of-an-update, but as a previous poster mentioned... Why none of the features found only in Windows? Like I'd rather be able to connect to my bank online than have integration with frickin iPhoto!#%$^@%#@%$^%&%^ I thought this was about finances - not home inventory!!!!

    When is someone going to write a real personal finance app for the Mac??? I wish MS Money ran on OS X. Oh well

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    bwhalerbwhaler Posts: 260member
    Another pathetic upgrade from Intuit.

    As others have astutely pointed out, a meaningful upgrade would be to get the Windows-only features over to the Mac version. 70 bucks for functionality like "we made one screen so you can post future transactions which will be separated by A LINE." You must be very proud Intuit. That's innovative stuff.

    But the REAL problem is the bugs. Each version gets buggier and buggier--and the Windows version is worse in this aspect.

    I used to buy Quicken and QuickBooks updates every year. But after years of getting ripped off and dealing with new and brutal bugs, I have stopped supporting Intuit.

    I may pick up the new version of p2p if I am interested. They owe me at least 4 copies I paid for which the only really new thing was the box.
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    I use iBiz and iBank by iggsoftware and am happy with both programs. I was very happy to purge Intuit from my Mac.
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    how about Quicken making an australian version for the mac??

    There are plenty of localisations that prevent the US version being of any use (ie tax like GST)

    If you don't need these features, sure, there are plenty of better financial programs without the bloat and bugs of quicken (I use GNUCash)

    but I can't move my dad over to the mac without the features of the australian windows quicken

    they just don't have to fix their programs because people are so reliant on the 'features' that noone else offers
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    bwhalerbwhaler Posts: 260member
    The only truly new thing in Intuit upgrades nowadays is the shiny re-designed boxes the software comes in.

    Another year with 2 or 3 new features and a sea of new bugs which after 3-4 patches get most, but not all, of them fixed ?

    No thanks.

    Give us parity with the Windows version, then maybe I'll upgrade.

    A scheduling window for 70 bucks is pathetic. And I can already back-up to .Mac by clicking on the .Mac icon or to my iDisk. Even more pathetic.

    And to think, I used to be a HUGE Intuit fan who upgraded every year. They burned that bridge after 3 upgrades which did nothing but empty my wallet--and they were Windows versions to boot. And it's not a Mac thing either. None my Windows buddies upgrade either anymore. No point.
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    aquamacaquamac Posts: 585member
    Why can't they make Quicken stable like there TurboTax Program? I don't get it.
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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    Wow, unanimous hatred towards this piece of crap!

    iBank looks ok, but seems to be lacking an investment portfolio manager.

    Is there anything else?
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    does ibank have the formats to allow automatic downloads of acct info using a mac???
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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    It doesn't look like it but of course I've only looked at the website.
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    macvaultmacvault Posts: 323member
    Yea, what a bunch of sh!t! Oooo, woooow, now I can link my iphoto with my finance manager! HaH! WTF! And the worst thing is to think that Apple probably refrains from making their own personal finance manager program cuz they would be scared that a "big developer" like intuit would stop support for OS X. I say so be it! Quicken can go disappear into a far corner of the galaxy. Com on Apple, give us the iTunes of personal finance managers!!!
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    here here that needed to be said, we have be a bastard son to intuit for too long. what about all those switchers and halo effect change overs, they can be marketing to a growing apple market.

    intuit stinks, should i consider ms money????
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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    I think it's probably not a good idea that Apple creates the OS and all of the apps.

    Competition is a good thing but unfortunately nobody has stepped up and threatened Intuit.
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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member

    Originally posted by NOFEER

    intuit stinks, should i consider ms money????

    Sure, but you do realize that you have to run it under Virtual PC, right? It's not a native Mac app.
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