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I just got my laptop and everything is going smoothly except when I try and connect to my router. I have a netgear router. It recognizes the router is there but says that there is an "error" when conecting to it. When I use the diagnostic tool it says that I need the WEP password but my router is setup not to use one at the moment.

Any help would be great.




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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    Have you got any computers connected to the router? Connect via ethernet or wireless and type in the IP address of the router into your web browser to set up your passwords. Your system details would be useful, OS, Computer spec, netgear router model.
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    Have you verified that WEP isn't being used? I am assuming you cannot connect to the router'sadmin page, right? Does the router have a reset button? If so, reset the router's config and try connecting.
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