UK iMac deliveries

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The guys in the USA are jumping for joy as their iMac start to ship while we in the UK are still wondering in a fog of delivery dates.

Can we start this thread for UK delivery speculation/fact.

Date ordered: 14/1/02

Where: Apple Centre Nottingham

Delivery: Centre expecting it 1st week in Feb

The 512mb ram is just sitting here waiting to go in my new iMac!




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    ordered 29/1/02 from apple education online

    still being assembled, expected 3rd week Feb
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    redericrederic Posts: 124member
    Ordered mine from Education Store 19/01/02. Guess mine's gonna be middle of Feb.

    Geez I've busted another finger clicking on the Order History. <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" />
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    jimdadjimdad Posts: 209member
    Ordered mine from Scotsys in Glasgow and they said they would have them Tuesday next week. As mine has extra Ram it would be sent Thursday / Friday. Spoke to MacWarehouse today (3.40pm) on another matter and they said they had just received them !!!!!! Not sure if this can be correct.
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    thanks for the info Jimdad! Interesting, I am getting dates fom as early as Monday to as late as the 11th Feb (NOT GOOD)!
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    c'mon guys, be lucky that you'll get your computers in february...i guess i'm gonna wait a bit longer here in switzerland...
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    Well at this rate there will be a load of iMacs in the UK if only a couple of us have ordered. Taking into account of course not everyone reads AppleInsider hehehehe!
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    Just got this <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[Surprised]" />

    Dear Sir,

    Regarding you order and your email, I inform you that the assembly schedule time for your Imac is a full 25 working days from date of order.

    The delivery time is about 3-4 working days.

    For further information do not hesitate to contact the Apple Store team.


    Apple Store Europe

    Hollyhill Industrial Estate




    For and on behalf of the Apple Store Europe

    Who wants their regards when they give shitty news? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    Sorry forgot to say:

    That means that mine will arrive about 16th FEB for God Sake.

    When did you order yours Jimdad?

    Don't tell me that Apple are fulfilling retailers before direct order customers. You'll all be telling me next that Dixons and PC World have them to buy off the shelf.
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    John Lewis is getting them in to buy off the shelf within the next few days if they haven't already arrived. I was in my local one in Glasgow getting a Sony Clie and asked when they were due in and was told they were to get a shipment of 15 the day before but they had been delayed for a couple of days but should be in by the start of the week.
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    Macworld Daily News

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    UK iMac launch 'two weeks off'

    By Jonny Evans

    The first of Apple's recently announced iMacs, the 800MHz SuperDrive-toting model, is unlikely to ship until mid-February, sources claim.

    The high-end iMac is already available in the US. Apple received 150,000 pre-orders for the machine in the three weeks following its announcement. However, the Macs are produced in Taiwan, where local supplier Quanta has been contracted to manufacture 100,000 units per month.

    The level of demand led Apple CFO Fred Anderson to warn: "It will take most of the quarter to ramp-up the manufacturing of the new iMacs, so we're not likely to meet expected demand during the quarter."

    Apple Europe said: "Apple is still waiting to announce shipment dates for iMac in Europe."

    A straw poll of resellers suggests that the top-end iMacs won't reach this country until mid-February at the earliest. Apple's mid- and low-end iMac shipment dates will be staggered, reflecting the US model.
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    jimdadjimdad Posts: 209member
    Sorry about the grief caused by mentioning what MacWarehouse said. I was only passing on the message ! If you think that's bad I ordered my imac at 8.45am on the morning of 8th January, was told I was SCOTSYS first order and when I phoned them today was told that their computers were showing me as ordering a G4, 19 inch monitor and had added £29 extra (educ) because Appleworks wasn't included on a G4 !

    They are still reckoning on getting them in about Tuesday and shifting them with extra memory hopefully by next Friday. Seems like a long time.
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    I am reconing on the w/c 11th Feb for mine ordered on 14th Jan based on what I have read here then. Wish it were sooner.

    Keep me informed of any developments!
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    jimdadjimdad Posts: 209member
    It just gets worse ! Having been told by SCOTSYS that they expected them in near the start of this week, I phoned this morning only to be told that they were just off the phone to Apple who had said that they were now unlikely to arrive until next week. Add a few days for extra memory and delivery and we're talking 14th or 15th at least - much more in line with the "straw poll of resellers" mentioned above. This for a machine ordered on the 8th Jan. Oh well, maybe I'll just have to find something to occupy my mind for a week. It's hard looking at all those pictures of imacs sitting on desks.
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    krassykrassy Posts: 595member
    hey guys. the new iMac is a very great product and you all will have one in (latest) a few weeks.

    i just don't have the money to buy one. THAT is sad....

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    jimdadjimdad Posts: 209member
    Fair point, Krassy. Also, I've just read about a possible firmware problem in those already shipped over at Macintouch. Says production has been halted temporarily.
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    redericrederic Posts: 124member
    Hi Guys

    Some good news

    Not <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" /> <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" />

    Have spoken to Apple UK and Ireland today and been told that I WILL NOT HAVE my machine BEFORE MARCH 1st. That takes into account a 4 day shipping. This means that if Im lucky I'll have Friday 1st if not most likely the following week.

    I wish I wasn't saving with the education store otherwise I'd cut my losses and hang on to get one "off the shelf" <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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    REDERIC is yours 'as is' from the factory or have you ordered any extras ie. RAM.

    I have also ordered mine through the University's preferred education supplier and I have been told today they are shipping this week and I should have mine next week.

    I ordered on 14/1/02 with no machine extras as I have got an extra 512mb RAM from that I will fit myself.

    I just hope it's true.

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    redericrederic Posts: 124member

    Bad news m8 Mine is simply as is.

    I ordered mine from Apple Education Store on the Web on 19th January. By my reckoning you should get yours 25th February. :eek:

    The pain is getting too much now!!
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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    Rederic are you a commie?
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    i mailed the apple store with a query because my order was showing up twice and they told me exactly when I can expect it.

    ordered 29/01/02

    process takes 25 working days

    expected 8th March...bugger
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