iPod nano sales off to slow start



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    ...right... nobody cares about firewire (maybe you and few others who have 2 year old computer that apple should have put usb2 on anyway) if you have a tower mac you can get a USB2 PCI card for $11.99 from frys for your mac. OR you can use the SUPPORTED usb 1.1 (yeah it's slow but it's supported). not to mention most windows machines have usb2

    Stop whining.. usb2 is so much better suited to very small portable devices. just deal with it :-)

    Apple made it clear that they created a large inventory for the of iPod nanos so they wouldn't outsell the first week. I would guess that those stores were giving enough so they wouldn't run out for two weeks.

    I'm sure in a few weeks you'll see apple saying best selling product ever. I can only name about 6 PC people who I know that bought iPods. But this week, like 20 people in my office have shown up with the nano and keep coming over to my desk to show the mac guy. Seriously like everyone in the windows world knows about about this ipod..


    Originally posted by jeffharris

    No FireWire?

    NO sale...


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    dave k.dave k. Posts: 1,306member
    A few comments...

    1. There really isn't any incentive for existing iPod owners to buy a iPod nano. My 15 GB 3G iPod hold all of my music and small enough to fit in my pocket just fine.

    2. Only one other person on this thread mentioned iPod market saturation. Everyone I know who wants an iPod either has one, or still can't afford one.

    3. Some of the iPod accessories are weeks behind. With really no explanation. Were the accessories that much of an after-thought?

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    no offense but if you have an 800mhz mac you shouldn't spend money on an iPod, spend it on a new computer. I'm glad they didn't include firewire, i don't want more, i want less on this ipod. The rest of the world shouldn' be punished because you don't have more mordern computers


    Originally posted by Sabon

    My two Macs are an 800mhz G4 iMac and a 800mhz G4 PowerBook. Neither of us have USB 2 ports. And to buy a -quality- PCMCI USB adapter isn't exctly inexpensive. So not having FireWire on the nano is a big thing for me.

    My two current Macs do everything I need them to do. Faster would be nice but not enough to buy new ones yet. That's what Apple gets for making great products. I don't need to update/replace them as often as I did with my Windows PCs which I don't use anymore.

    I already have a 60gb iPod photo. If I didn't, due to the lack of FireWire for the nano I would still have to look at the full size iPods. At least until the next version which probably won't have FireWire either. At least if things continue to go the way they have with the shuffle and nano.

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    I didn't buy one because I already own an iPod.

    Saturation?..... or is Apple banking on people tossing a fairly recently bought Pod on the latest and greatest? Not sure if this sort of thing behaves the same as other consumer products....
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    The iPod is not quite a mature product category. There will still be a lot of people who will be buying them, who have never owned one.
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member

    Originally posted by afalkner

    see just seeing the nanos in the different colors sparks interest. and for people I think that is what got them so interested in the mini was the ability to very simply personalize their mini by picking a color that represented them.

    You still can and Apple knows this as they've obviously given it some thought. White nano + a set of nano tubes. You no longer need to decide on one colour since you have a choice plus protection for the iPod in one. Once people realise this combo I expect it'll do very well and make Apple more money at the same time.

    I think you'd find that's why Apple expected better demand for the white since black with nano tubes would look awful.

    Excellent move in my eyes...if only they had the accessories available at launch.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member

    Originally posted by webmail

    ...right... nobody cares about firewire (maybe you and few others who have 2 year old computer that apple should have put usb2 on anyway) if you have a tower mac you can get a USB2 PCI card for $11.99 from frys for your mac. OR you can use the SUPPORTED usb 1.1 (yeah it's slow but it's supported). not to mention most windows machines have usb2

    Have you tried to add a USB 2 card to a PowerMac? If you have a device attached and then sleep the computer, a lot of them will simply crash. For example, the OS 9 'fix' for the Adaptec DuoConnect is to install an extension that disables sleep mode. The same computers crash just as well in OS X.

    Yes, USB 1.1 is supported, but synchs would be at about 1/10th the speed, hardly what I would call an acceptable compromise.
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    If colors drive sales, why not move that feature up the product line? Maybe we will soon see the much rumored LCD exterior magic color thingy -- in the iPod 20GB of course. In any event, Apple aren't stupid. If colors are really what the market demands, they'll find a way to wring another $50 for the priviledge.
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    Originally posted by Hobbes

    Hmmm, I don't know, I find this report overblown as well.

    If anything, it sounds like Apple misjudged the appeal of the black Nanos more than anything else. Which can be fixed fairly quickly.

    The change must be a little disorientating for consumers at first, but once people see and handle them... I just don't see how these aren't going be a big hit.

    p.s. Note that iPod Nanos are (of course) now the top sellers at the online Apple Store.

    i agree,

    i think the only problem for apple might be the psycological effect on steve when his marketting people mention the need for black earbuds.

    btw i can now disclose im a former apple employee.

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    Originally posted by jeffharris

    No FireWire?

    NO sale...


    Well, when it's only a couple of GBs it's not such an issue is it?

    I'd be more concerned with "no AV output" (Not that I actually use that on my iPod Photo 30... hmm)

    Originally posted by DeaPeaJay

    with my 40GB photo, I can't transfer files from mac to pc because its a hard drive. If I had a flash drive, that wouldn't be the case

    I transfer files from mac to pc all the time. You need to reformat your iPod on a Windows machine (it'll lose ALL your data and songs so back them up first). Then resync it with iTunes on your Mac and all is good.
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    Originally posted by ThinkDifferent

    I don't understand why Apple has gotten rid of there "Flavors?"

    Yes after reading here I think flavours would be worth bringing back. And if they make a nice design (not just a plain colour) they could supply OSX desktop designs that match. I know my sister would prefer something like that
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    <sarcasm>Bravo Appleinsider, it's at least the second time you hurt Apple's stock with very unscientific reports about iPod sales numbers.</sarcasm>

    Please tell me what is the use of this article that makes great conclusions on very superficial data? It only hurts Apple... Maybe your "insiders" in that case work for the other side?

    The funniest thing is that if Apple had trouble meeting the demand because of production problems, you would conclude that the sales are great, even if they sold less than now.
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    Originally posted by u2mr2os2

    Actually, I believe the flash drive doesn't change things, it's a drive too. What makes the difference is the format of the drive. Apple has been formatting the flash drives (shuffle) for PCs, which work on a Mac too. Just reformat your iPod to be PC format and reload it. Then you should be able to go between with files.

    Really? If that's the case, why aren't all iPods formatted for pc? that's also a disturbing thought. MS-DOS file system on my iPod
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    Just wanted to say that I tried to get a nano the day after they arrived in stores and couldn't anywhere...

    Everything I had heard prior to this story being released had said they were doing extremely well. There was even a story on my local news today about the nano and them being sold out around the country as soon as they were released.

    Is this American Technology Research place legit? I can't remember seeing that name before.
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    19841984 Posts: 955member
    I think the next version would be 8GB. Flash memory goes up in 2x increments. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. I guess they could use both a 2GB and 4GB chip but probably won't.
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    I bought my nano on the second day of availability, and my Apple Store was sold out of the black 4GB already.

    I can't help but wonder if Apple should have at least kept the 6GB iPod mini around at the same price. In a perfect world, a $250 6GB mini and a 4GB nano wouldn't interfere with each other the same way the 14 inch iBook and the cheapest iMac don't interfere, because they have different strengths and specialties. Plus, I'm sure many retailers and manufacturers of iPod mini-related accessories must be a little disappointed at it's discontinuance.

    I love my nano (even though it scratches - hurry up with accessories Apple!) but I'm not more interested in Apple getting a 20GB into the size of an iPod mini. Are we still quite far from that?
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    Originally posted by jeffharris

    No FireWire?

    NO sale...


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    by the way, apparently the iTunes Moto ROKR only has USB1.1
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    Well I didn't bother going to buy an iPod nano because I knew that:

    1. the shops wouldn't have received any stock yet

    2. the shops who had received stock would have sold out

    3. the shops who had received stock and sold out wouldn't be able to tell me when they were able to get more stock

    4. what's an iPod nano? We've just received our first shipment of the iPod mini.

    I've become so used to not being able to get my mits on Apple kit that I don't even bother going out and looking for the new stuff. Maybe this is what a lot of the other people are thinking. 'Yeah it's a great new Apple product but you won't be able to get your hands on one for a few months'. If so, Apple have only got themselves to blame.

    None of my local Apple dealers has ever had a 30" Cinema Display, and none of them have had a single Mighty Mouse yet.
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member

    Originally posted by FireEmblemPride

    I love my nano (even though it scratches - hurry up with accessories Apple!

    Or they could just design an iPod that didn't scratch as easily. But then of course, they wouldn't make the money of the accessories.

    Yeah, lets design something that's really easy to scratch, and then offer the punters a part that'll protect their new iPod, but at a cost...
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