Poor PDF handling in X

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Look here: http://magasin.inforce.dk/graphics/m...amlet_2005.pdf

Try look at it in Safari, Preview and then in Acrobat Reader.

Why can´t Safari and Preview not show it correctly (For instance upper left corner of first page. Missing text and visible boxes) while Acrbat Reader can?. What gives? I see it in one out of five PDFs, especially more complex ones.


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    It might be an Acrobat 6, or even 7, compliant PDF. When exporting a PDF you often have the option of setting the compatibility. The default in most Adobe apps is Acrobat 5, but it is possible to make a PDF work only with the latest version of Acrobat.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Even stranger. I downloaded Acrobat Reader on both my iBook (10.3.X) and my Mini (10.4.X). On the iBook everything is shown perfect. On the Mini the problem is exactly the same in AR as in Safari and Preview.

    The only explanation I can find is that the latest version of AR only officially support X up to and including 10.3. But it let me install it on the Mini, so my best guess is that their download page just hadn´t´been updated since Tiger.
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