12" PowerBook G4 Problems

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I purchased a 12" PowerBook for school in June, and when it arrived it worked fine. Recently I plugged in a pair of headphones, but nothing was coming out of the left ear bud. O thought it was the headphones, but when I plugged them into my iPod, they worked completely fine in both ears.

My question is, what could have caused this and is there a way to fix it without sending my laptop in for repairs because I really can not send it in because I need it practically everyday for school.

My second problem is that there is one dead pixel on my screen and I was wondering if anyone else was having his issue?

Finally, is there a way to report these issue to Apple through their website? If not what is the 800 number?


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    Does the sound only come out of one speaker as well?

    If so, you just need to adjust it:

    System Preferences > Sound > Output

    And then set the "balance" to the middle.

    One dead pixel is not covered under Apple's policy's, nor the policy of most LCD makers.

    Apple Support can be reached at: 1-800-275-2273
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    I also have the speaker balance problem. I have no problem correcting the issue, my problem is why every couple of weeks does the problem reappear? The balance is mysteriously shifted without any input on my part. It not a big deal, just annoying to have to fix all of the time. I'm running Tiger with all the current updates.
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    Do you play any games or audio editing apps, some times they change the setup
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    swingswing Posts: 52member
    On the dead pixel issue, I have heard Apple Stores are allowed discretion in replacing products due to dead pixels. You may have an outside shot to bring it in and tactfully complain about it. You may get lucky, though June is now a long time past and that will not help.
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    If you argue that this pixel is very important to your work they may be more likely to replace it. Apple's retail policy is to surprise and delight.
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    igrantigrant Posts: 180member
    Yeah sometimes when I switch between my usb speakers and my headphones, the sounds goes left and all i have to do is go to the System preferences, click on sounds and reset the balance to the center
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    I've just noticed my sound balance has moved slightly to the right! This could be an issue with 10.4.2 or it could occur when speakers are unplugged etc. (or I could have moved it myself!) Mmmmmmmmm
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