iBooks - Macworld article: poor choice?

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The recent Macworld issue (available online awhile ago) says:

1) the 14" ibook screen is not very clear. Not *just* that it is the same pixel size as the 12" but over a larger area, but ... fuzzy.

2) the cd-rw (12") / dvd (14") drives were hosed. Both made disturbing noises and the dvd burner model (14" ibook) would not eject disks ... this, on brand new machines.

My question is: were these isolated problems, or are these systematic of the current (fairly recently updated...) iBook line? I'm trying to decide to buy an iBook at work, or make do with my current TiBook for awhile longer.

Thanks for any comments.


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    Originally posted by bjewett

    The recent Macworld issue (available online awhile ago) says:

    I'll take back part of this; Macworld makes it sound as if the screen issue is just no additional pixels between the 12" and 14" models, spread over a larger area (with my eyes, that might be ok). I think I"ll have to see one to decide.

    A lowest-end PB is also a possibility, so I'm looking forward to possible new PBs as well as PMs next week (I know - another forum).
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    hmmm... i have personally not had any issues with looking at my 14" ibook screen or 12" ibook when i had it. i DO NOT like the 12" powerbook screen though... you'll have to look at the latest demo models at your local apple store/dealer to check out the screen in person
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