Which DV camcorder do you own?



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    [quote]Originally posted by super:


    I believe the title of the thread is "which camcorder do you own ?" </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Do you read the threads, or just the title? This isn't a poll, it's a question about which consumer model he should buy.



    Your little self indulgent spiel about your production company was far less relevant than anything i posted. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Actually, my second post was quite relevant b/c I was answering a direct question regarding my first post. Everything I posted was, in fact, directly relevant to the question I was asked, as I needed to establish exactly on what basis I made my comments. On the other hand, nothing you posted was relevant to the question being asked by the original poster - it was only relevant to the vague thread title, which means that your post was not relevant at all.



    I do in fact do commercial work (inc show opens, corporate videos, bumpers, general motion graphics etc) and i don't need you telling me what i can and can't post.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    You have my permission to post whatever you choose. <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" /> However, if you are actually a DV professional, please don't post such inflammatory and ignorant nonsense (i.e. your flame) in the future, since it reflects poorly on our entire profession. (Notice this is simply a request - I wouldn't dare tell you what to post :cool: )

    As far as CoolHandPete goes:

    You'll notice many more people arguing for the TRV series over the PC series based on ergonomics. Again, this is purely personal preference, so the absolute best thing for you to do is to decide on the features you need and then try out the cameras on your short list. You may love the PC series or hate it. Same goes for the TRV. Even if you wind up buying online or at a mega-store, try to find a small, local video/photography store that will let you try out the camera for a day, or even rent the cameras for a day. This is the best way to make an informed decision.

    Let us know what you pick!
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Absolutely LOVE my Sony DCR TRV11. Mini DV, FIREWIRE for quick transfer, can use as a web cam, awesome video, very compact, night vision, cool built in effects. $1200 when I got it last summer, should be less now.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    [quote]Originally posted by gordy:

    <strong>I have the Canon ZR10 also. I would not recommend it for low light and indoor use. Come to think of it, even overcast outdoor use is kinda crappy. Color accuracy is poor also, everything is bluish. It's a great firewire webcam, which is all I use it for now.

    I'd hope that these shortcomings are atypical for the mini-DV standard, so stay away from the ZR series. I have seen the ZR20 ans ZR30, both were just as bad as the ZR10.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I have the ZR25MC and I'd have to agree... lowlight quality SUCKS.... which is really unfortunate considering thats when all the fun stuff happens.... anyways, someone said something about setting up a f/w webcame with the ZR series? how do you do that? that would be kinda cool....

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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    i own a sony tri CCD trv 900 DV camera: very good qualitie : i love this camera.

    i would recommand you a palm handed camera, because it's more easy to take with you (my camera is quite big so it's more difficult to take it with me in any circonstances).

    You should try if the camera is good in low light and in high light for filming red things .My father has got a canon mv2 i : the image is great in normal lighting condition, but things are becoming worse, in poor light conditions and for the red who blow under high light condition (ski for example).

    Numerical zoom are worthless and pure gadget, you should only take in consideration the optical zoom amplitude.

    you should also , read test in a good review : it's alway a good investissement.
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    Do you read the threads, or just the title? This isn't a poll, it's a question about which consumer model he should buy.


    And i answered that. The VX2000 is consumer. It's "more" dollars but worth every penny.(IMO it's not pro-sumer because there's no such thing)

    [quote] Actually, my second post was quite relevant b/c I was answering a direct question regarding my first post.


    That's because your first post was a flame that served no purpose. You had no idea who i was and yet saw fit to attack me. That reflects poorly on "our" (if you are "actually" a DV professional) entire profession.

    But i have more important (and less relevant questions)

    So.....do you have an XL1S ? Do the myriad of small improvements make for a major upgrade over the XL1 ? Are u using DV exclusively for your work or do you use other sources (BETA-SP and DIGI BETA).We're looking at upgrading one of our stations to uncompressed with a voodoo card. Have u had any experience with them ?

    Thanks. And by all means be self indulgent with your answers
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    I use a JVC GRVDL815-U or something like that... pretty nice except the "night alive" feature sucks.

    OT: I just got a new roommate (college). He said if he snores to just throw a shoe at him. He's snoring.
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    It's easy to use my ZR10 as a webcam. Hell, I just plug it in, start up iSPQ VideoChat or ICUII (any app should work), and the audio/video source is automatically detected. If not, go into the app's audio/video settings and select "Canon DV" as the source for both signals.
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    In my opinion, Canon is where it is at for digital cameras, still and camcorder.

    People complain about low light problems and stuff like that, sure, on their entry level camera.

    I own the ZR20 and love it. Sure it's no 4,000 dollar camera, but that's why it only cost 600 bucks.

    If i were in the market for a camera right now, and had under 1,000 dollars, I would go for the Canon ZR50 MC. Great camera. Small enclosure, incredible quality video, light and VERY easy to use. The best bang for you buck without a doubt in my opinion.

    If I had a few more bucks I'd go for either the GL1 or the XL1S. The ultimate in digital video.
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    I have the Sony TRV20, very sharp little camera, built like a rock and has all the gadgets. I would recommend it along with possibly finding a trv900, its older but has great features that Sony doesn't put on alot of the new cams. I had an XL1, its not just for professionals as many casual shooters that have money buy them also. Cannon has a sweet picture and their image stabalization is far superior in my opinion. But the Sony TRV20 is beautiful, got it on ebay 5 months ago for $850.00, added a Sony wide converter lens, and some other extras. Don't get the idea that you need the most expensive cam on the market, DV is leaps ahead of VHS or Hi8 and you can learn alot on the $349.00 model talked about in the earlier post. For home use or footage thats not going to be used for commercial purposes, not too many people will know the difference from a $3000.00 cam or a $300.00 cam. Just try to get the most useful features within your budget.
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    Super - OK, let's move on

    Just dropping by for a moment, so I don't really have time to go into everything you asked. IMHO, the XL1s isn't worth the extra bucks if you already have the XL1, but if you're getting one anyone, get the XL1s. I have used many other formats in the past, but am not currently, so I may not be the best person to ask about newer technology with differing formats.

    The absolute best place to go to get all of these questions answered is <a href="http://www.2-pop.com"; target="_blank">www.2-pop.com</a> - you'll find someone who knows about whatever question you have.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I dunno, even in the new ZRs, Canon puts the heads right behind the mic, which will cause background noise in all your videos. The optical zoom on the Canons is nice though.

    And as for Canon still cameras, the G2 has definite noise problems when shooting at ISO 100, even though they expect most people to shoot at ISO 50. Canon Digital Elphs are nice ans small though, but stuck at 2 megapixel at the moment.
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    I, too, am looking around for a good miniDV camcorder. There seem to be many good models to choose from, but there are a few that seem to really stand out and have quite rabid fan bases. Two of these are the Sony TRV900, and the Canon GL1. Both of these are 3CCD camcorders. I believe that 3CCD is the way to go. Once I saw the clarity and color accuracy of a good 3CCD camcorder, I was hooked. I also like the Panasonic MX300 (which is a PAL format cam). So, I'll buy either of these in a few months, when I can find a good price on one from a reputable dealer.
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    Canon ZR-25...I love it.
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    yeah, sony is releasing 4 new models...dang that TRV50 looks sweet....and my trv 17 is only 2 months old...do you think i can convince the wife that we need to upgrade already?? nawww, think we'll stick with this one for a while yet....g

    see story here: <a href="http://www.dvspot.com/"; target="_blank">site</a>


    [ 02-23-2002: Message edited by: thegelding ]

    DCR-TRV50 changes:

    *\t1.5 Megapixel CCD for 1360 x 1020 stills

    *\t530 lines of resolution

    *\tTouch screen LCD with Spot Focus. Touch the area of the LCD that you want brought into focus. Cool!

    *\tPop-up flash

    *\tBluetooth wireless technology - requires optional adapter - for sending MPEG movies or JPEG stills, or even web browsing (?!).

    *\tShips in May for $1600


    not cheap, but bluetooth, pop up flash and touch focus on the lcd make it sound very appealing...g

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    [quote]Originally posted by thegelding:

    <strong>yeah, sony is releasing 4 new models...dang that TRV50 looks sweet....and my trv 17 is only 2 months old...do you think i can convince the wife that we need to upgrade already?? nawww, think we'll stick with this one for a while yet....g

    see story here: <a href="http://www.dvspot.com/"; target="_blank">site</a>

    [ 02-23-2002: Message edited by: thegelding ]</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Well, this is precisely why I bought recently. I dont need anyhting over featured, just a basic mini DV camecorder and I think I got that in the Canon ZR-25. I got a great deal as well, a great time to buy good technology on the cheap.
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    hey macintosh, i'm sure you'll love your new camera...great camera for the price....g

    but your a pretty big guy aren't you...how does that little camera work in your big mitt??
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    Its a bit of a squeeze but I can adjust the strap and I will HAVE to get used to it for the price, if you know what I mean.
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    Hey Gelding! Have you ever posted any of your home made movies?

    I have wanted to ask you this...Have you burned a DVD yet in iDVD??? If so, how was everything?
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    yeah, made an iDVD of 4 home movies and a slide show...about 45 minutes of video total....editing and adding music and such took some time, encoding to quicktime took some time but using iDVD was very easy....love the motion menus...looks like a real dvd....was very fun, though a little scary the first time....burning a coaster with a 50 cent cd is one thing, burning a coaster with a 4 dollar dvd is another....but everything went fine....made 4 copies of the dvd to send to family....the first copy took alittle over 90 minutes for the 45 minute dvd....burned the other 3 copies the next day....the second copy took 27 minutes to burn...the third copy took 20 minutes to burn....so it must get faster with multiple copies of the same material.....have fun with your camera....g

    i probably won't download movies to my mac homesite for two reasons: one....i only have 56k out here in the wilderness of new mexico and a movie would take forever to download.....two, my wife thinks everyone on the internet is a deranged killer and would gut me like a fish if i put movies of my kids up on the net......

    might make a slide show on the net but i don't know how to get my photos to make a slide show just yet...works great in iPhoto and iDVD, but have to play with my site some to figure out how to get the slide show option with music on the internet...g

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    thegelding, the TRV50 looks a little overkill though. If you're going to spend that kind of money on still camera features, you can get a 3 megapixel camera with the money you save going with the TRV27.

    iDVD can actually burn a DVD-RW that will play back in a few consumer DVD players. You just have to trick the application into using it. When iDVD asks to insert a DVD-R, do that, then when it prepares to burn, hit eject and stick in a DVD-RW.
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