video adaptor question

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i have a new ibook G4 from which i got 1 week ago. what is the best way to hook up the ibook to a tv using RCA so i can watch dvds on a tv

thanks in advance


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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    You'll have to get one of Apple's video adapters for about $15. I don't think the iBooks come standard with them. Then you can go with the rca cables, or the higher quality s-video if you can, depending on what your TV has.
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    synosyno Posts: 33member
    how about getting the tv to play the audio to? would i need something else
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Yes use need a mini to rca cable like this . Plug it into our head phone connection and you are ready to go.

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