Received new iPod w/ Video

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Just received (Ordered 10/12/05, 11:18 PDT, Overnight Shipping, no engraving) the new iPod w/ Video, 30GB, White. Similar box to Nano (small).

Background....owned every model of iPod since the beginning. Does not support firewire syncing but will charge. Screen is absolutely amazing. I recorded videos of my two daughters via my Canon s60 and converted them via QT Pro (QT to iPod) prior to receiving. Took about 15 minutes or so to load 15 GB of music and 2200 photos via USB 2.0.

The large size of the the screen looks so beautiful and the videos of my girls look much better on the iPod than they do when viewing in iTunes. I have not purchased any videos from iTunes just yet. No reason too since I have LOST Tivoed.

I would love to see Apple add an introduction video like they do with the OS X know something coming at you saying thank you, designed by Apple in California, etc..

If you were on the fence about buying one I would highly suggest getting one. I ordered one and afterwards I was thinking is it really that much better than the previous model or Nano and the short answer is YES.

I am sure I will get good use out of the added Video feature especially since we have Christmas coming up and we always visit the grandparents. It will be nice to load the Christmas videos and pictures and play it on their TV Christmas day.

I will post pics if anyone is interested. I could do it this afternoon, no camera here at work.


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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    aweosme, thanks..

    I'm just really really weary that there is no remote control

    And no freaking data port neither!!! I always have my iPod tucked away and just on random.. I have so much crap on me that it's a hassle to find iPod and change tracks and stuff

    crap crap crap...

    A question:

    When you hook it up to TV, do you see the faux iPod screen or is it full screen?
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    Congrats! Happy to hear you are happy with your new Pod. I ordered the exact unit and are looking forward to stuffing it full on Thursday when it arrives.

    Please do post pics for us. Thanks.
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    Thanks guys- I will not be able to post those pics until tonight. I took a ton of photos, but forgot my frickin' camera cable at home. F**K.


    I will also let you know this tonight when I get home and plug it in to the TV.

    The only thing I am not pleased with is the amount of time it takes to play a video once you click to play it takes around 3 or 4 seconds to play. Once it is complete it takes the same amount of time to go back to the menu.
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    wait, you have gotten every iPod model they have released? that is a serious pile of iPods. i want discretionary income too!
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    Had a chance to run by the house. Here ya go...

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    Originally posted by progmac

    wait, you have gotten every iPod model they have released? that is a serious pile of iPods. i want discretionary income too!

    ebay is my friend....

    I still have my shuffle and a iPod Mini (4GB) but it has a bum drive. And I am donating my Nano to the wife and selling here pink iPod mini.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Makin' me want to upgrade, and I just replaced my mini with a nano.
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    Man, I thought I was goin' all out buying the 1st gen...but then no one had anything like that. iPods are slowly becoming as numerous as cellphones, because they are that awesome.

    I'm going to pick one up, but only as a present to myself for good grades. Let's see if I hold up. (other personality speaking: "you better.")

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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    Love the sleeve.
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    octaneoctane Posts: 157member
    Can't wait to open mine up, going to pick it up from the fedex station in about an hour, looks good!
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    Little update....Yes you can fast forward/rewind just as you do with songs. Each video has scrubber bar which is present on the iPod and on the TV. When I plugged it up to the TV it populates the whole screen. And it mirrors the iPod. The quality is not that bad. Again you view the scrubber bar and icons on the TV when you press play, pause, rewind, fast forward, and adjust the volume...nice touch Apple.

    Many critics keep saying people will not want to view videos on such a small screen, but I have to disagree. They look and sound great. I think Apple is testing the waters with this one. Seeing what kind of response users have and waiting for more content. As gorgeous as this screen is could you imagine what a larger size would be like? Once the content is there I bet they create a true video iPod. Great job as always Apple!
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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    any word on how exactly we are able to do audio recording?

    is there an extra option in the "extras" .... or is this feature going to be limited to 3rd party accessories?
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    This news is almost as good as that time I won the lottery! (cue Family Guy flashback)
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    mac voyermac voyer Posts: 1,293member
    Just got home from the Apple Store and the new pod is being loaded right now. When every episode of every iteration of Star Trek is available for download, it will all have been worth it.
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    I would like to know about the recording capability also
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    hey! thats awesome the apple store, well the one closest to me, got thier iPods in on Tuesday, I called Weds and they were sold out good is that case they give you for your iPod? Decent? I say as long as it prevents scratches, And I wear tight jeans so they wont be falling outa my pockets...hahah..anywase just wanna know.
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    octaneoctane Posts: 157member
    I have to say, coming from a 2nd Gen 10GB, I really like this new iPod. I've read some reviews since I got it that trash the video quality and all the crap, I just have to say go see one yourself, I'm impressed with the screen and quality. The case kinda feels like suede--almost leathery outside and pretty soft inside--the iPod fits snug inside and as long as you don't throw it around it will prevent scratches . It's a little difficult to get out of tight jeans, but I can handle it until I find something better since it was "free" .

    On another note, when you start encoding video to put on the iPod, if you use handbrake (0.7.0 beta 3) don't use h.264 video, use Mpeg4 video/AAC, the h.264 clips handbrake makes will play in iTunes but not on the iPod. I've tried lots of different bit rates, all under the 768k max, and 320x240 or less resolution--hours of encoding for nothing. None of the clips I transcoded with ffmpegx into h.264 play on the iPod either. I converted the ice age 2 trailer in QT Pro using iPod settings, and that worked fine. I converted a DVD with mactheripper and handbrake using the -Mpeg4- settings and that works too. Muxed clips must be demuxed whatever you use or there will be no audio . Now all I need is a new Quad G5 PM and I'll be all set! 8)
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    mac voyermac voyer Posts: 1,293member
    I am now in the process of converting an episode of Enterprise I recorded with Eye TV some time ago. I am using QTP. This is not a friendly process. Though not complicated, it will take what seems to be all day to do it. Granted, I am using a Mac mini with a Gig of ram. But I understand that a G5 will still take forever. Forget about trying to do a library of shows and movies. Practically speaking, the only thing we can do is to buy content from Apple. Even video podcasts don't play on it because they were not recorded in the right format. At least, I have not found any that work on the new iPod. If anyone knows of any free content that does work on the new iPod, please let me know. I would love to see that function but I don't want to buy shows or music videos that I don't want to see.
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    octaneoctane Posts: 157member
    So far I get about 30-50 fps in handbrake for DVDs (ripped to my HDD already) on the first pass (I always use 2-pass encoding now). The second pass is usually quite a bit slower, but it's still close to a 1:1 (1x) encoding process even on my 1.25GHz powerbook. I can't imagine what a quad G5 would do. I'll probably try and set up a queue tonight to have it do like 2-3 DVDs while I sleep.

    Of course that's different than encoding clips/shows from sources other than DVD; so far the only thing that works for me is QT Pro as well, and it is painfully slow using h.264 (iPod settings). I'm going to try mpeg4 in QTP later, that should go a little quicker.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member

    Originally posted by Mac Voyer

    Even video podcasts don't play on it because they were not recorded in the right format. At least, I have not found any that work on the new iPod.

    Patience ain't just sick people in a hospital. I'm sure most video podcasters are in the process of converting their files right now. In a couple weeks you'll have a LOT more content.
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