Powerbook + Dolby 5.1 = Help please.

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Okay so...

How do I get this:


The 17-inch PowerBook includes built-in optical digital audio input and output for connecting to devices such as decks, receivers, digital instruments and 5.1 surround sound systems. Because optical digital audio transmits data as impulses of light rather than electrical signals, it enables true, noise-free, pristine sound ? eliminating troublesome ground loops and ensuring higher audio and signal quality.

to work with this:

(click it)


I'm so confused... 4 wires on the speaker system.. 1 plug on the laptop..

I bought a firewave like 4 FRICKIN months ago, and they still haven't processed my order. A friend mentioned that my laptop supports 5.1 so uh. How? -_-

Thanks in advance, audiophiles.

- Xidius


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    there should be a reciever. subwoofer?
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    Originally posted by theapplegenius

    there should be a reciever. subwoofer?

    Yes there is a subwoofer(?).

    The ports available on the back:

    Rear Right

    Rear Left

    Front Left

    Front Center

    then a VGA-shaped serial port with 15 pins for the Front Right. (supplies power, volume, etc, I imagine)

    Then it has a power cord coming out, and a Sub Volume knob.

    That's it. \

    - Xidius
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    Oh also:

    The right speaker has the actual input cord(s) that go to the computer.

    In this case it is a clump of 3 regular headphone jacks. Orange, Green, and Black.

    - Xidius
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    Well.. I (think) I found the correct CABLE to be used...

    That's uh.. step 1? I guess?

    I get the FEELING I will have to sell these speakers and buy new special ones that support this mini optical plug or wait for the frickin firefly thing to finally be released.. am I right? -_-

    - Xidius
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    Okay. (I'm such a Dolby noob)

    I found the problem and solution.

    Problem: I needed a Dolby 5.1 Decoder. The only ones I could find were WAY more than i needed and all cost $199+. In addition they don't support mini stereo jacks.

    Solution: Ugh. Just gotta spam Griffintech with more emails until they finally send the thing to me. -_- It does what i need.. just not in a timely manor.

    Thanks for the help! Case closed.

    - Xidius
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    Originally posted by >_>

    Well.. I (think) I found the correct CABLE to be used...

    Maybe your system is different, but I thought you had to run your audio (optical, whatever) into a receiver (5.1 aware, and with optical input) and let it drive the speakers.

    My old Titanium powerbook doesn't have optical out - just headphone jack - works fine for standard audio but I'm not aware of a way to drive 5.1 audio with it.

    My new Powermac will have digital out, though, and I'll run it into a new, inexpensive 5.1 system I recently acquired -


    Good luck with your setup.
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    Unless you have an extrenal usb2 creative sound card like an NX, I hear MacOS X is quite happy to use one

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