New PowerMacs and Noises?

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Does anyone here have one of the new PowerMacs...I had to take my other one back b/c of the constant chirping and beeping from the power supply. Just wanted to see if anyone has a new one and has the same issues or has it finally been fixed.


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    I don't have a new one, but my 2.7 chirps if I have my Energy Saver Processor Performance set to Highest. Setting it to Automatic quiets it.
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    Here's an Apple Discussions thread talking about that issue.

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    Well I've just placed my order: A QUAD C A N Y O U B E L I E V E T H I S! It says "on or before 12/2", what a happy camper we got here!

    After having my rev.B 2.0's PSU replaced two times, original HD once, original RAM once and still it wasn't runnin' properly nor was the chirping gone - I don't think a rev.A can be worse. But then,, it's all fixed.

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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Received the Dual core 2.0 on Friday at work.

    Didn't have much time on it, but it felt pretty much the same speed as the Dual Proc 2.0 I had earlier this year.

    BTW, didn't notice any unusual chirps. Very quiet actually.
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