Renting an iPod?

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hey all,

i just noticed that on the US store ( ) you can rent an iPod for US$9 a month.

In Australia, we don't have that option. Does/has anyone used it? It would seems like a pretty good idea to me, or are there high up-front/deposits to pay?

(im going to bed now, couldn't bothered looking for fine print/conditions)



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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    That $9 a month is for payments on Apple's line of credit. You're buying the iPod, but paying it off over time.
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    ^^yes... your not renting it... your financing it over a period of time, with a nice high cc interest rate.
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    Wow...that was uh, a big discovery. No offense, that was just funny.
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    ok. well thanks for that.

    US$9 a month... that'd take a while to pay off..... especially with interest!
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