Black vs. White

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No race war here. I'm just wondering how the black iPods hold up against white. I read somewhere that smudges and scratches look worse on the black. Is this true?


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Yes. Imperfections on the black models show up much easier.
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    i stopped by the apple store yesterday and held the 60gig black in my hand.... i dunno... it left me empty. i have been planning on getting it since the 12th but seeing it in person, it doesnt look nearly as cool as the black nano.

    now im conflicted...
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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,605member
    Black looks freen' awesome but does seem to show impertions a little worse than the white.

    I kinda wish I would have gotten me a black video iPod after seeing the black nano I ordered.
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    My black nano is awesome. Although when looking straight at it, it looks perfect, when I angle it up to my eyes, I can see some little scratches. I have had mine for only a week, and have been using the socks until I can get a good case for it. Mine has various scratches on the front, but it does not look bad at all. And the back is nearly flawless, but I wipe my iPod down evernight with a glasses cleaning cloth thingy. So, yeah, I would get the black one. I will be in a short time.
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    i have the black video ipod and i've seen the white video ipod from about eight feet away (my friend had it but i didn't have time to look at it closely and i haven't been to the apple store since they went on display) and it is kinda hard to decide. though the black one i think looks cooler because it sets it apart from all the previous ipods it does get mistaken for a nano (because people still don't know about the video ipods and think the nano is the only one that comes in black) and it does seem to show blemishes easier. but after seeing the brasso technique for cleaning your ipod i'm glad i have the black over the white
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I have a black Nano and a white 5G iPod. The reason why I got white for the video iPod was because my black Nano shows scratches sooooo badly and it looks pretty bad already.
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    buckeyebuckeye Posts: 358member
    my 40 gig is maxed out so I was considering getting a 60gig and thought for sure I would get the black one until I went to the apple store yesterday. Not only do the scratches show up more, they just don't look as great in person as they do in pictures. I'm going for white. It's the classic ipod look, why not.
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    I have the black nano and the white 30GB 5G. The black shows all the scuffs.

    I bought a cool case from -- the black anodized aluminum keychain for the nano, but it doesn't protect the screen, so put a "WriteRight" protector that I had laying around that I had to trim down from the screen size of the Palm it was designed for.

    As for black v. white with the 5G, I went with the white 30GB because the white looks cooler with that, and the 30GB is just thin enough to be much cooler and easier to slide in my bag than the 60GB. I have several movies on my 5G, and still have plenty of room to grow.
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