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I realize I'm a complete newb, and that I have made no significant contribution to these boards, but I have a favor to ask of anyone who is able to help me out (and who is willing to do so)... desperate times and so forth.

Simply stated, I'm looking for product statistics on cargo pants. Even if anyone even has an IDEA on how I would find something like this. I really just need anything I can get.

Brief Explanation: I'm doing a school project that involves designing an ad campaign (tv, print, and radio or internet commercials) but I need statistics on the competition. This competition mainly consists of cargo pants. That's about it... sorry to waste your time if you've gotten this far, but I'm pretty damn desperate.



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    Do you mean product specificiations, or demographic data concerning the buyers of said pants? the former is something that tends not to be important in the cargo pants industry (as far as I can tell) and the latter is usually a closely guarded corporate secret.

    With that said, it's obvious cargo pants are sold to a non-discerning market. We know this to be true, since a discerning market would request product specifications of some form. The best way to market to a gullible market is to use the Nike technique. That is, saturate your audience with non-substantial advertisements that burn the company logo and brand name into their subconscious.
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