Are the BBC going to be distributing content via iTunes soon?

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just reading the media section of my paper, saw this..


In Britain the BBC is planning a similar service by making most of its programming available on platforms like the video ipod for seven days after it has been broadcast. The difference is the BBC programmes will be available for free. Their logic is that the public have already paid for the programmes through the licence fee and it would be unfair to make them pay again.


does this mean the bbc is going to put its stuff on itunes? free for the first seven days? or does it mean that it will be compatible but not on itunes?



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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    who will be paying for the bandwidth?

    i'm sure it won't be cheap...

    i guess the BBC could host the videos on their own servers
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    Originally posted by Cosmo

    who will be paying for the bandwidth?

    It is supposed to be Peer 2 Peer (i.e. like Bittorrent everyone contributes a bit of their bandwidth) but the beta apparently didn't have this turned on.

    The current technology uses WMA DRM so doesn't work on Macs, Linux, iPods etc. Maybe this will change, maybe not. Most of the audio broadcasts (BBC Radio podcasts) have been un-DRM'd mp3 with only the honour system preventing you from listening for more than 7 days, though the have a RealAudio based streaming service for the last 7 days of radio content, which is conceptually similar to this new IMP project.

    Read all about it:
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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member
    You bet.

    However, if you're outside the UK, you'll have to pay. Britons will be getting some of it because they paid for it already (is the thinking).

    Restrictions via IP-geography is the technique they are using.
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