Flash 8 Basic or Pro? :)

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Hey all.

I currently use Flash MX 2004. It came with the G3 ibook I bought used.

However, I just bought a NEW 20" G5 imac to really go crazy with web animation.

I tried transfering the Flash MX from my laptop to the imac...but no dice. It won't let me.

So, I figured I'd just buy a new version of Flash. The problem is I don't know which one to get Flash 8 basic or Flash 8 Pro? I don't really have the money for the pro version.

But I wanted to know if Flash 8 basic is equivalent to Flash MX 2004 or if Flash 8 Pro is more its equal?

I basically have been using Flash MX to create flash animations and webdesign.

Any ideas?

Thanks alot.


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    why don't you take a look at this flash comparison:

    macromedia flash basic vs. pro comparison.

    my guess is that unless you are planing on using flash video or doing any dynamic content, you probably don't need pro. you can always upgrade basic to pro down the line if you feel you need those things. basically all you would have to do is make up the difference.
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    Flash MX 2004 also came in 2 flavours. the regular "Flash MX 2004" and the "Flash MX 2004 professional".

    so, if you were happy with the regular 2004 you'll be fine with the "regular" flash 8.
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