Nano Tubes don't come with screen protectors??

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WTF? I just got my Nano Tubes today and they do not come with a screen protector. That doesn't really help me much. The covers are nice, but now I need a screen protector. I want to baby this thing, it is my favourite iPod yet. Anyways, does anyone know of some decent screen protectors? Something not too expensive, since I just forked out for the Tubes and arm band. Cheers!


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    Yeah, I found that out like a week ago on their website from the customer reviews. I thought "WTF were they doing not putting screen protectors?" That was stupid IMO but hey...You'll just have to get this:

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    jleonjleon Posts: 22member
    -- After I placed the order for my Nano, I went on a wild goose chase for a decent case for it in order to prevent all the screen issues I've heard about. I discovered that both the Nano tubes as well as the BoxWave Flexiskin cases include no screen protection whatsoever- so really, what is the point of having one of these?

    Luckily I found this: It works perfectly- it contains two separate cases (with lanyard and without) and a hard-plastic screen protector.

    You do have to cut a hole for the Hold switch though, but otherwise the skin does not interfere with use of the controls- and its feels nice to the touch as well. Highly recommended.
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    johnrpjohnrp Posts: 357member
    I have some screen protectors for both Nano and 5G.. I sell them on ebay.

    Private msg me and I will cut you a deal :-)


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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    i went to futureshop and found screen protectors for camera lcd's. i cut those to fit and they were only 10 bucks. it was a decent solution and works well so far.
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    If this (yet to be class action) lawsuit gets outta hand, couldn't Apple just offer a free "buffing" service, whereby you send your scratched nano to Apple, they buff it to a nice clean sheen, put a new (tougher) coating on it, slip it in a nice little pouch and ship it back to you, with a coupon for 20 iTunes or something? Not sure how costly that would be, but I bet it would be cheaper than a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit sounds bogus anyway. Not only are they asking for their money back, but they want a slice of Apple's profits!??? What judge would allow blatant greed like that? Apple?s products aren?t hurting people. It?s not like the nano is giving people some terminal disease.

    Anyway, if Apple offers a "solution" for this, sooner than later (after a lawsuit), I think it should kill the suit and make wall street happy.


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