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Hi there.

Any tips on optimizing Mac OS X Tiger to run on a Widescreen TV using the RCA/S-Video Connector. I want to get the sharpest screen possible for using the TV as the main display.

This is for a close friend who I have just forced into buying a Mac Mini. A friend who is now a true convert. (Unfortunately he doesn't have the cash for a cinema display!)


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    TVs are usually interlaced. That is, odd rows and even rows load alternatively each 1/60th of a second. (1/48th second if you're using PAL). So getting a really crisp picture is difficult outside of HDTV. For this, you'll need to set up the TV to do 720p.

    The caveat, though, is that RCA is meant to handle pretty low resolutions, and S-Video not much higher (i.e. 640x480). You're better off having your friend get a $10 DVI - VGA adapter and using a cheap CRT monitor.
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    the best thing is use the optional adapter for S-Video output from the mac mini, run it at 1024x768 resolution. there are some downsample/overscan/color balance etc etc that one can play with to get as nice an image as possible from a mac mini... or alternatively maybe a get a decent sized CRT EDTV that handles DVI or VGA input

    edit: 800x600 res output from the mac mini would work better, actually...
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    Thanks guys. Both good ideas. I'll get him to adjust the colour balance, text size, overscan and so on until he can pick up a cheap CRT monitor. He's got the DVI-VGA adapter already so shouldn't be any problems.

    Thanks again.
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