iPod 5G - The Curse of the Scratch

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Got my new 5G iPod a few weeks back (replacing my well used 4G) and it's a wonderful device. The screen is gorgeous, the capacity (60gb) is pretty decent, and the thing looks beautiful. Converting DVDs and xVids to H264 is also pretty easy with the right freeware utils.

Now I had heard about the Nano scratching easily, so I was determined to treat this thing like some kind of ancient treasure. It's a finger print magnet, front and back, but I had the perfect cleaning cloth to hand. So soft and clean I doubt anything better is available. The silver back is still perfect, not a scratch in sight (my 4G by comparison was covered in scratches on the back), but the front....! What have the coated it with? Wax?

The front now looks decidedly second hand, and it really shouldn't for something which is a)very new, and b)very expensive. My old 4G held up much better than this, in fact the front still looks pretty decent, and that's after over a year of daily use.

I assume everyone else has had the same problem? I read somewhere you need only breath on one to scratch it, and that doesn't sound far from the mark.

With my 4G I tried one of the many iPod scratch removal products, but it just made things worse. Has anyone found one that works on those micro scratches which seem to easy to inflict on the surface of the 5G? I went for the black model which I'm sure makes things worse but even on the screen area the scratches are very clearly visible.

I even bought an 'invisible shield' but when I saw it was adhesive... decided to stay well clear.

I love the thing but Apple really should coat the front with something a little tougher.


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    it's called a sreen protector, it has no effect on the iPod visually, and it costs about a dollor a piece. ez fix for a small problem. but ya, just putting my iPod video in and out of the case scuffed it up, even after a week using the case that came with it. i got a screen protector as soon as i noticed the scuffs.
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    i dont know if you've tried the brasso method yet but it looks like it works pretty well...

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    why did you avoid the invisible shield? i just installed one on my nano and one on my white ipod. they seem fine. if you need to take it off it won't mar the surface.
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    Originally posted by admactanium

    why did you avoid the invisible shield? i just installed one on my nano and one on my white ipod. they seem fine. if you need to take it off it won't mar the surface.

    I had visions of it trapping dust underneath, there being air bubbles and wrinkles, and it not coming off without leaving a thick layer of glue.

    If you could buy new iPods with them professionally installed, then great, but I didn't fancy my luck at sticking one on myself.

    Has anyone had any success with any of the scratch removal products that are out there? I have heard of the Brasso one but haven't tried it myself.
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    i removed scratches from my white ipod using a couple different car polishes. it's not hard at all. just get good quality polishes. not that red can green can crap you find at pep boys. 3m or menzerna or something of that sort. use a good microfiber cloth and use a small amount of polish. rub until your fingers get tired or scratches are gone.

    the invisible shield is cool. it was tested by one of the other gadget mags. it's not incredibly hard to install. but that said, i messed up my install on my white ipod and their customer service shipped me out a new one, no questions asked. also, the purchase of their product is for "lifetime replacement", which i thought was pretty cool. any glue residue left if you decide to take it off can be removed with goo-gone or something of that nature.
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