Tricking out a vintage Triumph with a Mac Mini?

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OK... I am rebuilding a 25 year old Triumph TR7 and I am coming around to the stereo. The available space for a stereo is a non-standard space that nothing off the shelf really fits (without interferring with vent controls or stick shift). So I thought why not iPod my TR?

I still need all the amplifier and wouldn't mind a radio. I like XM, mostly due to the better quality of sound IMO, but I do not want to mount anything ON the dash. I am just not much for the added on look. If I am going to all the trouble to get this car going, I want anything I do to look factory installed or at least integrated.

And I kept thinking on all the cool stuff I wish I could squeeze in... GPS and on and on. Then I began to think about nixing the iPod and installing a Mac Mini. Could that be a better way to go? Once in my garage, I can control the mini from a computer in the home. Imagine all the things you can do with wi-fi like update all my podcasts in the morning automatically.

Am I just geeking out or is this possible?

What are the pitfalls?

What are the ultra cool things that I have not thought of yet?



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    If I were you, I wouldn't stop at the stereo. Find a way to completely re-do the electronics, from the alternator to any indicator lights. The TR7 may well be the poster child for bad electonic design.

    But it's the "shape of things to come," so I suppose it can be forgiven.

    Anyway, the only thing I thought of is the fact that you can pretty easily load the iPod with Podcasts every morning, and it's a lot easier of a job. The iPod is also, for the most part, electrically islolated, which is a good thing if it's in a TR7.
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