AutoSyncs and Flash Drives

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Is there any way to AutoSync between a flash drive and a folder in my Home folder? Thanks, I'm sorta new to OSX.


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    automator compile as application put on desktop

    double click to backup!

    oh yeah new to mac, tiger or osx?
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    I guess I'm a little confused as to what you mean. I'm not too familiar with Automator.

    And concerning your question, I'm new to OSX. I used 9 and earlier versions growing up, but have been on XP for the last few years.
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    Welcome Back!

    Directions automator

    2. insert your flash drive

    3. under actions menu of automator choose finder

    4. select "Create Archive" option and drag to workflow under "Folder to archive" your home folder

    6. select hard drive as you flash thumb drive

    7. save as application

    8. drag to desktop

    9. double click to archive!!
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    Thanks, that really cleared it up. I appreciate the help.

    I think I get Automator now. Before, it was quite intimidating.
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