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    Since the .doc format is a closed proprietary format it is almost impossible to insure 100% compatibility with .doc-documents produced by microsoft word. This is the main reason why pages uses it's own format. Also, using the same format as Word, could prevent apple from adding features to pages, which is not available in Word.

    A nice option would be a "create a new mail message with the exported file attached" checkbox.


    Originally posted by pbaker05

    Not to get of subject, but I use FileMaker and like it a lot.

    I work is fine. I just think it is stupid to have to expot a doc just so that Windows users can open it. I don't know squat about programming, but it is silly. Beside Word docs almost never open with original formatting and such. No one has ever sent me a Pages doc....

    I started this thread because I like iWork, but until it has better integration with the rest of humanity, is it really ever going to be a player? It would be in the Mac community (as I don't know anyone who loves Word) but it needs to send Word openable docs becuase have multiple copies of the same doc in different formats is redicicoulouss (??) sorry, ludicris.

    It would really be great if the PDF export would let you create editable PDF forms!

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    Originally posted by Frank777

    I'm no programmer, but that can't be THAT hard to program.

    So why is it we have multiple options for every other category, but virtually no spreadsheet options?

    It doesn't make sense.

    Excel also has some charting capabilities. I would hope that any spreadsheet program from Apple will build on the very basic charting abilites found in Keynote. Doing all this makes the spreadsheet a bit more than a fancy calculator and a little more of a programming effort I imagine.

    I'm hoping that they deliver, since i still haven't found a charting program that I really like in OSX. I'm still using some classic programs and Appleworks drawing layer to get most of my charts drawn. Lame, but it mostly works.
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