Bluetooth problem

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My girlfriend just called me while I'm at work about our iMac being frozen. When she turned off the system and then turned it back on and it appears to be searching for a bluetooth mouse; however, we have the mighty mouse and its plugged into the keyboard. She has tried to bypass this, but it doesnt have the option to use our current mouse. Has anyone experience a similar problem or know how to fix this, thanks!


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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    That does sound odd. I would suggest unplugging the keyboard and mouse and re-arttaching them to the iMac. The dialogue will disappear once a mouse is connected. You should also be able to click cancel on the 'set-up bluetooth mouse' screen.

    If it keeps on happening there are other things to try.
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    In system preferences under bluetooth there is check box, to open helpe agent at start up if bluetooth device is not been able to find, also remove all bluetooth devices you don't need from the same dialog
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