logic board or corrupted video drivers?

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this just started happening tonight....

i unplugged my ibook from the charger, pressed power key, computer and screen started fine, logged in.... within ~30 seconds the screen when "gray"... it was on but it was blank.

had to hold power button to reset.

rebooted, same thing but this time screen when 'black'.. as in it was off.

held power button to reset...

repeated a few more times and basically same thing... one time there was an exception: two thin (1 pixel) verticle lines ran down the posting screen (apple logo on gray background) when it boot. i've never seen the lines before.

the screen went black again and the next time I restarted, i didn't see the lines.


any idea?


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    forgot to mention: iBook G4... purchased August 18th, 2004.

    iBook 12"/256/30gb
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    If you have the installation DVD that came with your I would suggest you put it in and then restart the computer. When you hear the chime you should immediately press and hold down the option key. This will allow you to choose what you want to use as your start up, pick Apple Hardware Test (AHT) and then click the arrow pointing to the right.

    Once you get to the AHT, I want you to run the quick test and if any errors come up- take it to a store. If nothing comes up, run the extended hardware test, if nothing comes up than, I would suggest booting from the installer and using the disk Repair utility, if anything comes up that can or cannot be repaired run the Disk Repair 3 times total. If the errors are gone than try to boot normally, if not, do an erase and install.

    If you computer still does not display normally after running the disk repair, do an archive and install perserving users and networks settings.

    If you can't even get to the AHT, or the Installer looks all messed up, take it to an Authorized apple service provider.
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