AppleInsider was right, ThinkSecret was wrong

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
I think it's time to gloat.

The article above was 100% accurate in its predictions on hardware. Everything from what models would be revised to their form-factor. On the other hand, ThinkSecret was completely wrong with their hardware predictions. No Intel Mac Mini, no 13" iBook, and no new iPod Shuffle.

I think it's time to pass the torch of "Gold Standard Accuracy" in rumors to AppleInsider. In this new Intel era, it's now clear which rumor website is superior. Well done AppleInsider!


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member
    Get ready for the big Bullseyes AI.
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    Anyone else think that as a compromise with Apple, Thinksecret would start posting erroneous information, leading to repeated inaccuracies in their reporting, thus ruining their credibility? I mean afterall, Nick is a kid and Apple fan, and they probably didn't want to throw the man in jail! Just a thought
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