iPod firmware downgrade?

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I just updated my ipods firmware (5g "video"-30gb)and now it wont let me select the "always off" option for backlight and just turn it on by holding the menu button. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it possible to DOWNgrade to version 1.0?

Thanks in advance for any help (BTW First post!!)


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    You can turn the backlight off. On the menu go to "Settings>Backlight> then click "Off". It's the top choice on the list. At least on my 5G white 60GB running 1.1.
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    i know that, but i dont want to have to go to that menu every single time, because that wastes more battery. i think ill have to run the disk that came with it and try it that way. however, i do like the fact that you can go back to the menu byy holding the MENU button. errrggghhh. dillema!!!!
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    Strange... Mine doesn't ever turn back on until I tell it to...
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    "Strange... Mine doesn't ever turn back on until I tell it to..."

    What do you mean by that

    BTW i figured out how to "downgrade"--

    all you have to do is go into the control panel click add/remove programs then remove everything related with ipod updates then run the disk that came with your ipod then click "restore" (not update) and viola!! version 1.0 on your ipod!!!
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    I meant that after choosing "off" in the prefs, I can use the iPod, turn it off, turn it on, and all kinds of stuff without the backlight turning on again until I go back to the backlight menu and manually turn the light on again.
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    exactly my point....anyway i figured it out if u need help to downgrade my aim screename is: swimminrocks

    and my msn addy is: [email protected] or you can pm me
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