GTA on Mac

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Does anyone know if there are plans to bring any of the Grand Theft Auto games to Mac?



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    tak1108tak1108 Posts: 222member
    I went to a couple of retailers to get a copy of motion 2, and found them to be out and no longer in their systems. I went to an apple store and was able to pick up a copy.
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    I don't understand? I assume you posted this reply on the wrong thread?
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    Never heard of any such plans, and given the length of time the GTA series has been out, doubt it will move to Mac.

    That's what consoles are for.
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member

    Originally posted by curiousuburb

    That's what consoles are for.

    Bingo we have a winner.
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    let's just lock this forum up

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