Cleaning LCDs, Apple's confusing instructions.

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Apple's lost me here with their cleaning instructions. The flatpanel iMac's MacHelp says to use cleaning things designed for use on LCDs. Ok, that's great. Seems simple enough.

So I get the "Notebook Screen"-specific cleaning wipes and realize... wait, the MacHelp *ALSO* says not to use alcohol containing products. But the notebook screen wipes *do* use alcohol! The obvious question I have now is this: what do they want you to use?


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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    I think it's obvious they want you to put some of that saliva to use.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I usually just use a little bit of water and a soft cloth.
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    haydenhayden Posts: 5member
    Damp (not wet) kleenex, small circular wipes... done.

    Don't waste money on these expensive cleaning solutions, man. HUGE waste of money.
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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    Reminds me of a <a href=""; target="_blank">Penny Arcade</a> strip...

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    mac's girlmac's girl Posts: 556member
    i just use the little silk cleaning cloth that i use to clean my glasses. it's supposed to be non-scratch on my expensive lenses, so i trust it on the LCD.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    yup, what mac's girl said, and I "just add water!"
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    spotbugspotbug Posts: 361member
    Apple's monitor cleaning instructions (both Flat-panel LCD and CRT - NOT laptops!):

    1. Disconnect all cables from monitor. These include power, video, USB or ADB cables.

    2. Place dirty monitor in trash bin or take it to your nearest electronics recycler (not eBay!).

    3. Visit your nearest Apple Store or and purchase a new Apple monitor.

    4. Connect your new Apple monitor to your CPU.

    5. If you notice any dirt or dust on your new monitor, simply wipe it off with a clean, lint-free cloth.

    Your monitor is now clean.

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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Jesus that's funny, Jack! I had those same exact thoughts when I used Klear Screen to clean my LCD - I couldn't get that crap to wipe off completely. I ended up using TP and water, and got much better results.

    Damn that comic was funny, thanks.
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    aslanaslan Posts: 97member
    In my experience I find that a microfiber cloth such as those for cleaning camera lenses and eyeglasses combined with a mix of lukewarm water added for moistness. A very small amount of light detergent prob. won't hurt for dissolving any blown chunks that are pesky enough to evade the simple wet wiping, just make sure you don't leave streaks!

    Avoid paper-based towels however... Not sure about LCDs but I know for a fact that the fibers can scratch surfaces... Prob. better just to stick w/ soft/mircofiber cloth.
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    ferroferro Posts: 453member
    Yup... TP and a thick shower/wad of saliva usually works pretty well...

    Use your finger nail to help get those hard to removes spots...


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    How would I clean my laptop screen? Laptop screens don't follow the same rules for cleaning as stand-alone monitors, so how should I clean it? There is a little bit of dust and quite a few spots on it. Not really enough to make anything difficult to see, but it can be annoying at times.

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