The "PornPod"

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I'm a highschooler and also the first person at my school to get a video iPod (I ordeded it right after it went up for sale on the Apple site). I have every iPod besides the shuffles that has been released and I got my 1G iPod before anyone even knew what the heck it was.

After filling my iPod with 60 gigs of my favorite movies and TV shows (i dont have any music on it, but instead have my pictures and music on my iPod Photo) kids at school got very interested in my new investment.

My friends (who are also apple lovers) and I often joked about kids turning their iPod into a PornPod- and iPod filled with porn videos and pictures.

Well in class the other day, the kid that usually sits and watches the music video "These boots were made for walking" featuring Jessica Simpson (He watches the video all class with no sound...I wonder why:-p) i noticed that he was watching a porno.

I'm not real sure why I'm posting this forum, i just thought it was interesting how desperate kids are nowdays, and how corrupt life is.

What a waste of an iPod- its actually kind of degrading to it i think haha.

But when cheap, portable mp4 players like the iPod w/ video come about, there could quite possibly be a market in the porn industry with the "PornPod"


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    yeah, this was my first thought when it was released. actually was brought up here back then too...
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    What's better than that is people showing pics of their ladies. Kinda nice to carry around.
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    A friend of mine watched porn in church with his iPod 5G. I personally thought it was very funny but i can certainly see why others may not find humor in it (and i don't blame them)
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    I forgot to mention POVpod or something like that. it is made for the 5G.

    PLayboy released porn formatted for the 4G screen when it first came out. Personally, who really cares what people do with thier ipods. I had thought about putting porn on mine except other people use it and to tell you the truth, why would i need a portable way to look at porn?
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    Originally posted by Jwink3101

    why would i need a portable way to look at porn?

    You may not need a portable porn machine, but other people might. Maybe some people get a rush out of getting themselves off in a public place?

    Who knows
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    in school....boy that's a great reason to spend all that money on educating our kids. where's the teacher in this, isn't it noticible. too bad they don't have kids stand to reply to questions.....ha ha ha
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    I just bought my ipod 5G about 2 weeks ago already. Every time one of my firends see it for the first time they ask to see it, so I let them look at it and browse thought my collection of music. Thee first thing they do when I give it to them, is they go right to the video section and 90% of the time they say "Oh man, Wheres the Porn?" I just don't understand it. It makes me sick. Its IPOD ABUSE!
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    i put the paris hilton on mine...ill have people in my car or where ever and im like wanna watch porn LoL they never beleive i have it. just the novelty. i rele would be afriad though of someone filling it up with porn. cause really i wouldnt want the guy making my big mac watching that on his break
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