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hi all. just curious if anyone is running any sort of 3D app or even PS7 regularly/daily on one of the new iBook 700's yet? if so, howzit working out? thanks!


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    posterboyposterboy Posts: 147member
    It works just fine. It is not as fast as it is on the iMac G4 on the desk next to mine, but it is a great app. The healing brush rocks. But I am running an iBook 600, so I would be interested in doing a side by side with a new 700. I wonder how much of a difference 100MHz and 512K L2 cache make....


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    peperonepeperone Posts: 204member
    I wonder if battery life in OS X has improved with the new Sahara chip...
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    anyone feel this new ibook 700 would be enough to suffice the daily use of a college student design major?

    apps would mostly be ps7, illustrator/freehand 10, flash mx, golive6, indesign 2. would the 700 ibook be able to hang for a couple years of this type of abuse?

    would love to be able to save the $ vs the tibook obviously, but don't want to have to give up TOO much performance. a pipedream?

    just thinking aloud. thanks.
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    prestonpreston Posts: 219member
    I'm a design major on a 12" iBook 600. I do have a PC desktop as well, but I would love an excuse to go full-time on the 'Book. Only thing that is a tad annoying is the 1024x768 res ceiling.

    Other than that it rocks....

    Besides, the design labs at York U have PM 867s with 17" studio displays, and upgraded g4 blue and whites with 21" CRTs.... so If i need 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 I go in there.

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    mac gurumac guru Posts: 367member
    I'm a senior design major and I do NOTHING without my iBook. I just finished a thesis class and a corperate ID course with it running PS7, Ill 10, and InDesign 2.0. Made A's

    the new iBook is a GREAT machine I'd get one if I was willing to give up the 500 I have now.

    Mac Guru
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    i don't think i'd be too worried if i were a design major and using an ibook with OS 9. OS X is a different story, as i use an ibook 500 and it's kind of slow. but jaguar changes all of that dramatically. i'm getting an ibook 700 this week (eee!!! ) and will be running os 9 apps on it until jag comes out to the public.

    i also use ps7, reason, cubasis, flash mx, and a bunch of other multimedia apps. (i'm a music tech maj at northeastern u) -- and on any g3 with 500+ mhz, performance is very acceptable -- but then again, i mean this in os 9.

    you'd be saving a LOT of money by getting the ibook--plus it's more portable than the ti.
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    thank you all fellow students/designers. i really value your shared experience/imput. i'm sure you all know how tough it is to decide how much you want, or absolutely feel you must spend on a machine to get you through using your most frequent apps, and yet be portable! so i will definetly take your shared wisdom into account as i am getting nearer and itchier to buy a new machine. haha.

    anyone else please continue to post any pertinant info here if you've got any!
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