ALERT!!! Get your Virus Programs ready!

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I just got this email from zdnet today stating that there is a program out there that is called LeapA, its the first "torgan in the wild" for mac. Read the article link at the buttom for more details. Some of you may already know about this but I thought I better Notify everybody about this news.


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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    NEWSFLASH: I can make a program that will DESTROY your system. And all programs can be transfered via iChat.

    In other words: This is not as groundbreaking as the news system wants it to be
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    As I first got the email I thought it was a real trojan virus like the ones on windows, but then as I read the article I found out that it was a program. Just like you said the news is not as groudbreaking as they state in there email headline. But I thought it was something that should be brought up, considering that there are probly people out there right now clicking on it.
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    from zdnet....

    "The program forwards itself as a compressed file called "latestpics.tgz" to all the

    contacts on the infected user's buddy list each time the program starts up."

    well, that's a security issue for apple to patch, nonetheless
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    Originally posted by Anders

    ...In other words: This is not as groundbreaking as the news system wants it to be

    i agree on that part... the pc news out there is already attempting to spin this as "apple is as bad as windows"

    i sure as hell though ain't installing any bloody antivirus on my mac. pain in the ass, those programs.
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