iBook repair question

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My cousin owns a iBook G4 and he broke the entire screen area, screen, back plate, and bezel. He is buying the part to get it fixed, but is this something that he can fix on his own or should he have apple certifed repair specialists fix it instead? I was looking at mine and it does,nt look very hard to fix but I thought I would ask you guys before he started messing around with it. Thanks


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    To replace the screen you need remove alot of parts if its simular to the G3. You almost need to go down to the logic board. I did this repair to my G3 in about 3.5-4hours so it does take time, and Id recommend you get Apple to do it if you have the money.

    But if you take your time then you should be ok.

    (If your still under warranty, performing this repair yourself WILL void the warranty)
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    Thank You for the replies. I let my cousin know about them. He told me he might send it to www.macservice.com to get it repaired. Has anybody done business with them before? Thanks again for the info.
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