Xserve G5 missing from Apple Store?

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Has anyone else noticed that the Xserve G5 (and Xserve RAID) are missing from the Apple store? Is the Xserve due to be replaced by quad core duos, or maybe Xeons? Does anyone have any more information about this?


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    go take another look...
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    gargar Posts: 1,201member
    look at "Servers"

    not at "Desktops (PowerPC)"
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    Originally posted by gar

    look at "Servers"

    not at "Desktops (PowerPC)"

    Wow, I guess I should feel pretty stupid, except that searching for "Xserve" does not in fact turn up Xserves...using "find" on my web browser doesn't turn it up either. If you're logged in to the "education" store, the "Servers" heading doesn't even appear!

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