Iphone versus Tracfone question

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Was curious if anyone was familiar with tracfones business model...I was just wondering if apple could do this easily since they would not be dependent on the whims of the normal carriers. I used a tracfone before and it worked great(its a pay as you go setup)...just curious since it is highly doubtful my carrier would ever allow an iphone


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    I am not very good at picking topics for discussion here lol
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    From what I understand about pre-paid phones -- and I've never had one so correct me if I'm wrong -- is that they are still primarily phones with little add-on features. I would think that this type of service wouldn't appeal to Apple since they'd likely want to have other features in the phone outside of being able to make calls.

    Again, I don't know much about pre-paid cellular. It just seems that it's not a direction that Apple would likely go unless they improved features on it.
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    well I would agree immediately...it's just that I don't see apple partnering with just one carrier....it would leave so many people out....kinda like the cingular deal is now...for example verizon is good all around me but sux at my primary residence and so I have to use altell. Tracfone has contracts with all carriers and so it just uses the closest tower.

    perhaps an iphone could use this business plan for calling and leave the actual downlowding of songs and other junk to when the iphone can pick up a wifi signal.

    there are so many obstacles in the way of the iphone that this just seems the best way to go to me.....it also allows parents to control their kids from going over their minutes....tracphones just simply stop working once you use them all
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